SPC Joshua Peters would be the first one to tell you he is not a hero, but as a combat medic in Iraq, he has spent the last moments with several heroes.


  By the nature of his work, much of what you will hear is very graphic and disturbing.  It is not meant to sensationalize, but rather to make us all stop, pray, and think of the depth of sacrifice of our young men and women in service.  

All the comforts of home?

Personal Hero Sgt. Shay Black


Chinooks Down!

Heroes, Women in war

Not enough armor?

Extended tour of duty

The press

  I don't know if Josh would want me to include this clip, but I felt compelled to do so.  It is very graphic, and yet I have never heard so tender a moment either in or out of war.  

  To the widow of this story I wish to extend my most heartfelt sorrow at your loss.  If you get anything from this story, let it be this, that your husband's cruel death was met with the tender heart and caring hands of an American Combat Medic.

The Wedding Band

 Finally, you the reader, may get more details of the Iraqi Veteran's story by purchasing the book "Not on my Watch"  by Combat Medic Joshua Peters and his friend Josh Fansler, a Combat Medic who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Click here for details.


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