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The American Spirit 

Many of my favorite stories are the stories we uncover of the American Spirit.  It's a thing that can't be properly described, but you know it when you hear it.  As time goes on, we plan to add many such stories to this page, so keep watching.



 Our visit with Willard Duffy was a fun evening.  Here was another fellow who thought he had nothing to share.  Boy was he wrong!.  Click on these links for some great stories.

Joe Louis       Olympian       Finding it quick


 We have several great Bob Hope stories.  We are posting two here.  The first is from Capt. Perry Brasell who was in charge of an MP group that was instrumental in saving the US embassy in Saigon during the Tet offensive.  Capt. Brasell also had an unexpected story on the time he was involved in a security detail for then Vice-President Hubert Humphrey.

Why Veterans love Bob Hope 

      Hubert Humphrey's Magic Carpet Ride




  Big John Gillis is a well know and greatly loved media personality in Indianapolis.  Big John had the honor of welcoming Bob Hope at a concert in Mr. Hope's later years.

Big John Gillis and the Power of Hope




Paul Loftus shared with us his Marine stories of Guadalcanal.  He had a leg up on his fellow Marines, Paul got his pre-basic training in St. Mary's, at the hands of some very interesting nuns.  Paul told us the story of his second grade teacher who came to America to:

Save the Heathens


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