Angel and the Ivory Tower

by Don McAllister

Angel and the Ivory Tower is the adventure tale of the outgoing Alice (Angel) Burke who has lived life to the fullest as a pioneer aviator, barnstormer, and war hero.  Her life intertwines with the greats of history, Hollywood and everyday life.  People who read this work can't wait to see what Alice will do next.


On the other hand, Great Nephew (The Ivory Tower) has never lived his life outside the world of his books.  After losing his job with the University Great Nephew comes to Aunt Alice's farm to paint the farmhouse, record her history, and maybe learn about the world beyond his shell.  Great Nephew, while comical, is also the sum total of all our fears and one can't help but cheer him on.


This story is fun to read.  The colorful characters are so real that you will think you know them.  You will share their tragedies and triumphs, and will love them and cheer them on.


To be quite old-fashioned this story has a lot of heart.  You too will enjoy the lively story of Angel and the Ivory Tower. 

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What people are saying about Angel and the Ivory tower:

From Mrs.Nancy Tatum –

“I've laughed and I've cried.  I will probably not put the book down the rest of the night until I finish it!”

“OK--I did stay up to finish it!!!  Then went to bed thinking about it! I found the book great reading.  As you can tell, I couldn't put it down.  Wanted to hear what she did next.  Who will be interested in it?  I know that I feel women will.”

From Mr. Rowe Montillo –

“You've got some talent fella - I'm no critic but your effort is smooth reading - wish you the best.”

From Mrs. Debbie Holdzkom –

“Thank you for sharing the chapter with me.  I was amazed at how a man could so well capture the emotions and thinking of an adolescent girl, and then, at the end, wow that was powerful!  After reading this one chapter I was really interested in what had happened in the chapters before and what would take place in the following chapters. ”

From Mr. David McAllister –

“These characters are so real.  Are you sure this is fiction?”