Discovering the Meaning of Crone Energy
Written by: Rev. Cheril Goodrich, Copyright December 2000

Before we are conceived, our Spiritual Nature chooses whether we will
have more feminine tendencies or masculine tendencies. Generally
speaking, if we have more feminine tendencies we are born female and
if we have more masculine tendencies we are born male.

Each of the energies, feminine or masculine has at birth both
properties. Feminine energy is more intuitive, which is spiritual and
masculine energy, more intelligence, which is physical. Our Spiritual
Nature, which is intuitive, comes through our right side of the
brain. Other functions of our feminine nature are our ability to
create, write, paint, etc.

Our intelligence, which is physical, comes to us through our left
side of the brain. Physical or masculine energy also helps move
physical matter through the use of the body. This is not to say that
the brain has intelligence or is creative. This is merely the
operation basis that the mind has chosen to store information in or
allow information to move through our physical body so that we can
make sense of our mind process as we move through life. When our mind
first took a physical body, it understood that both energies,
masculine and feminine was needed and each person born came equipped
with both energies.

Before the separation of energy, energy was balanced in mind and was
free to move between the physical realm and back again into the
Spiritual realm. Both male and female understood how to do this
because of this balance. Male and female also understood that it was
not the physical body that entertained the power to move between
realms. It was only with the mind that they were free to explore both
realms. Both male and female understood that the physical body could
only continue to exist on the physical plane where physical matter

Time was not a factor. Once a person reached a certain age, they
remained that age until it was decided that they would lay their body
down and go back to their True Source or their Spirit. They did not
die like we experience death. The lying aside of the body was not
feared, nor was there any fear that a loved one would never be seen
again. Because the connection to Spirit was so strong, there was
never worry or doubt. There was innate knowledge that there was a
Higher Source that took care of and nurtured creation, and it was to
this Higher Source that the masculine and feminine energy looked to
for direction. Masculine energy was needed to move physical matter,
but wisdom from Spirit through feminine energy was needed to direct
this massive force of energy. Both energies were meant to balance
each other and help blend the physical world with the Spiritual world.

As time went on, masculine energy became more involved in the
physical aspect of having a body and began to break away from the
feminine nature, while the female remained connected to the intuitive
or spiritual side of her nature. Because of this, masculine energy
began to look at the feminine nature as possessing qualities that it
did not understand. Feminine energy contained an element of mysticism
and wisdom that masculine energy forgot how to access.

Feminine energy could draw from both the masculine and feminine, but
it was more concerned with the things that were not of a physical
nature This energy could be used to create something physical out of
what seemed like nothing. By drawing from the Spiritual life she
tapped into the wisdom of Spirit and Love, while male energy looked
to the physical and what could be understood by the 5 senses. Also it
was concerned with physical strength. This physical strength was
something that could be seen and reckoned with as a real force in
time, while the softer qualities of Spirit did not seem to be so.

As masculine energy began to move away from the feminine energy, a
split occurred. This split became male and female. When this split
occurred the feminine energy of women were a mystery to men. At this
point in time it was not understood how life was conceived. Males
believed that females had the power to create life on their own.
Males also did not understand the monthly cycle of a woman but knew
it had something to do with the ability to create life. Women had the
superior role because of all of the mystery that surrounded her.

As the world went on, time began to become a factor in the life
expectancy of its inhabitants. People began to connect to their body
more and more and with the understanding of time, the body began to
deteriorate and die. Even though this was happening, female energy
did not forget her spiritual side. After a time, when had she stopped
her monthly cycle, her true nature began to call to her. She began to
take up the ways of her ancestors. She began to tune into the wisdom
of the universe after she had raised her family and was not as
concerned about physical existence and what a physical life could
offer her. Being born feminine, the call of her spiritual nature
became something that she could not ignore. Because female energy was
more open to entertaining ideas of a spiritual nature into her
psyche, a softer and less intrusive nature was kept alive in a
physical world.

Within the confines of time masculine energy began to exert power. It
was found that masculine energy could war and over take the enemy by
physical strength. Slowly the tide began to turn and masculine energy
began to rule the physical realm. The feminine energy was attracted
and attached to masculine energy while her monthly cycle prevailed.
This helped insure the survival of the physical world. Feminine
energy was still attached to the softer energy of Spirit, however
this call became quieter until the monthly cycle stopped. Once her
monthly cycle stopped, the call to return became overwhelming.

Spirit was and is constantly communicating to us. Our mind does not
always understand the messages that Spirit is sending to us, so our
mind must try to make sense out of the messages from a physical
standpoint. When we began to look at time as being reality our bodies
began to age and die. An older person was considered to have wisdom
because of the years spent on the physical plane. So that the
messages of Spirit would be understood, Spirit used the wisdom of old
age to be a metaphor for wisdom.

The wisdom of Spirit is ancient, but it is not an age. Feminine
energy began to receive this message as meaning an old woman
returning to her Spiritual Nature when what the message was really
saying was that wisdom was ancient or old. The female mind began to
think in terms of looking like the message and believing that the
word "Crone" meant old age when it really meant the wisdom of the
Spirit. Once an idea is introduced into the mind, even if it is only
one mind that believes the message, it is an introduction into all
minds. The message was not that wisdom is an old body, it was and
still is that wisdom itself is ancient.

Masculine energy could not dominate the feminine energy that looked
to Spirit for its source of wisdom, so it decided to try to
obliterate it. The female that began to take on the look of the
message of ancient wisdom was ridiculed and slaughtered and she began
believing that she was old and not needed by masculine energy. She
had outgrown her purpose of pro creating with masculine energy and
therefore an aspect of society that could be done away with. Fear of
extinction of this ancient wisdom forced her to hide the truth of
what she knew. It is still hiding, even from the mind of women today,
until the time is right.

This energy is beginning to reclaim its rightful place in the
physical realm. Without feminine energy, masculine energy will
destroy itself because of its desire to dominate what it doesn't
understand and take what doesn't belong to it.

Many years ago there was a right of passage that a woman passed into
when she had stopped her menstrual cycle. This was a transition that
led ultimately to transformation. This was known as becoming a Crone.
Today even the word conjures up an idea of an old hag. Someone old
with wrinkles and not of great use to society. The very word is
something that we, as women, try to move away from. This is not the
meaning of the word.

If we want to return to our Spiritual Nature, we must be open to
accepting the Crone energy. Our Spiritual Nature is always calling to
us to return. Returning means that we retrace our steps, or find what
we believe we have lost.

As stated before, Crone energy is not lost, but hiding from the
assault that was perpetrated against her so long ago. By accepting
her, we can begin the journey back home when time was not a factor
and the only thing that mattered was the love that was experienced
between the feminine and masculine energies. This was and is the God
and Goddess that exists but sleeps in each of us.

The Crone and the feminine Goddess are the same. Their energy is
intertwined, although they appear to be different. The only reason
for this appearance is that our mind believes in separation.

By resisting the Crone, we give ourselves over to the Crone energy
that belongs to time. Resistance can only be experienced in time,
therefore we give ourselves over to the physical aspects or old age
that we fight so hard to prevent in time.

Crone means wisdom. If the word is changed, as I have often been told
it needs to, the definition of the word changes. There are few words
that have maintained their true meaning or what the word was suppose
to symbolize. The word Crone still means wisdom. Even though we have
accepted into our awareness that the word means something different,
the word still has the same meaning as the one ascribed to it.

We can choose to embrace the word and not ascribe any meaning to it
except its true meaning, which means ancient wisdom, or we can take
the word to mean an old hag. The choice is ours but be wary, words
have power. Every word has energy attached to it and energy has the
ability to create. The word Crone was chosen for a specific reason. I
am assuming it was for its ability to draw Spirit into the physical
realm. Once we remove the attachment of being old to it, the word
will do what it is suppose to, which is attract wisdom.

In this day and age, being 50 is not old, but for most of us it does
signal a time of transition. This transition need not be the idea of
being old but the idea of reconnecting with our Higher Nature or the
Crone energy. The Crone needs our awareness of her eternal power so
she can extend her wisdom into he world, where it is needed.

From a higher standpoint we have all chosen to be in this generation
at this time. This generation has made the greatest impact on the
world since the beginning of time because there are so many of us. As
we mature and reach the age when we are asked to invite the Crone
energy into our life, what will our answer be? We can continue to
make an impact on the way the world views things or we can determine
that the past has the answers. This generation has never been the one
that sits idly by and watches time go by. We can make an impact.

Let us join together and embrace the word Crone and its true meaning.
Let this generation be the one that joins together to bring the True
Feminine Nature back into the physical realm. Our feminine nature or
Higher Nature calls to us to help heal the world and thereby effect
future generations of this world. It calls on us, not to dominate,
but to join with masculine energy. In this way we bring stability
back to our world and bring a softer, gentler way of handling the
problems that are afflicting mankind.

There is an ancient ceremony that used to be performed when a woman
moved beyond her menstrual cycle. It was considered a great honor to
be visited by Spirit and learn the ways of Spirit. This ceremony
marks the beginning of something new and an end to the way we viewed
the world when we were caught up in raising our children and taking
care of a husband. This ceremony opens the door to accepting our true
nature and extending this wisdom into time.

It is my sincere desire that this provides a new way of looking at
and respecting not only the aging process, but also I hope it brings
a certain pride and self-acceptance that the older woman has not felt
in a long time.

There is a space in time when Heaven reaches down and touches the
open mind with a gentle whisper. This open mind is lifted far beyond
the reaches of time into the ancient wisdom of eternity and it learns
of the wonders that existed before time began.