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TRIXI... My first wooden boat.


TRIXI,as shown here has no need of a trailer.Made of plywood and throughly fiberglassed seams and bottom which make her a very sturdy construction project. Built with the average hand tools , she can be built in a matter of weeks,rather than months or years as in some ships.

Cost can be as costly as one desires, We should point out it does take time and effort to complete. With that in mind,If you would like any question answered feel free to contact us. Be of courage and aleast think about building one of your own before you go and buy a vessel be it a john-boat or crusier. TRIXI

You can not imagine the pride of building it yourself until you try.

Begin with matching your needs to your wants,and gather a good set of blue prints or drawings for the ship you want to start. Then after studying the plans set aside an area in which to work. In the photo's you can see that I actually built her indoors . I had no garage to work in. So next best thing became the workshop and the "paint room". Not that I recommend that you do that,But where there's a will there's a way. As seen these are photo’s of Trixi at times when part of the process is complete,so keep that in mind.A close look tells you that there are hundreds of brass screws which are used in putting the parts together.And it requires all of them.

TRIXI The fiberglass process is a part where you’ll want to take your time and make sure you have plenty. It will get a period of sanding then if the first layer of fiberglass was correct. And a second and thin top coat and a final sanding.The fiberglass will set up fast so prepare to work fast. After the final sanding the two coats of marine grade varnish,which there has to be a period of time between coats to soak into the wood,and dry.

Two coats of a high grade,that along with several coats of a paint.And a "scheme" to give her my personal favorite look.All this will ensure that the wood is sealed properly for years to come.

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