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The following message applies to all souls everywhere. It has been appropriate in every period of time, from caveman to the present. There is no distinction between male and female. The task is not worldly success, it is spiritually oriented.

This is a standard that has been held by my people in the Outback Nation since the beginning of time. They have never been farmers, merchants, or herders. They have always been gatherers, musicians, artists, and poets; they lived in oneness with the earth, all its creatures, and each other.

This is one of their ritual chants:

Forever Oneness,

Who sings to us in silence,

Who teaches us through each other,

Guide my steps with strength and wisdom.

May I see the lessons as I walk,

Honor the purpose of all things

Help me touch with respect,

Always speak from behind my eyes.

Let me observe, not judge.

May I cause no harm, and leave

Music and beauty after my visit.

When I return to Forever,

May the circle be closed and

The spiral be broader.

You are a spiritual being here on earth having a human experience. You elected to come. It was not an accident nor by chance that you were born of the two people who are your biological parents. You were aware of who they were, of the circumstances under which you were conceived, and the inherent genetic pattern of both. You said, "Yes!"

You are a spiritual being evolving into enlightenment. Earth is a classroom in which lessons and demonstrations are available. It is a unique planet with unique life-forms. It is the only place in the universe where six senses - sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell, and intuition - are used with the field of energy, identified as emotions, to connect a visible body to the invisible spirit.

Every physical thing on planet earth comes from the One Divine Source and all are made from identical fragments of energy. We are one with all creation.

You are probably familiar with the ten commandments, or the "thou shalt not" laws. They have been available to mankind for thousands of years.

There have also been laws of "thou shalt," which have been around even longer. If the thou shalt rules had been followed, there would not have been any reason for the second set.

Your being here is voluntary, self-assigned, and long awaited. Your eternal progression will reflect this human journey.

Here are the "you should"/"thou shalt" rules for all humans:

1: You should express your individual creativity.

Each individual sees things through his own set of circumstances, and so has a unique expression to offer the world. Creativity includes the arts, but is not limited to that, nor is painting, composing, or writing in any way more significant than the creative measures taken to comfort someone in distress, to bring order to conflict or chaos, or to tell a child a story.

People are not taking advantage of the opportunity to enrich their souls if they believe they have not creative talent or believe some situation in life prohibits this expression. Indeed, it is quite the opposite. When one rises up against the odds, when we strive to release our creative consciousness, it carries great merit.

Society is formed in such a way that not all people have the opportunity to be leaders. Since there are many more followers, expressing our creative flair becomes even more significant. Creativity is meant to be positive, but we are each given free will. It is possible to use it in a manner that proves negative to oneself and to the world. We can be expressive in the way we comb our hair, select our clothing, arrange our residences, plant a garden, make a craft, or even mend something. The key seems to be to let your actions express you and work to make everything you express something you are proud of.

2: Realize that you are accountable.

You are a guest on this planet and, as such, are expected to leave it as you found it, or in better condition. You are accountable for caring for the other life-forms that cannot speak for or help themselves. You are accountable for promises you make, agreements you enter into, and for the results of all your actions.

It is important to explain that spiritual evolution does not stop and start. It isn't like turning a water faucet on and off. When a person dies, there is only a pause at some interesting activity while the physical debris is discarded. It is actually impossible to kill anyone. People are Forever beings, although death does stop the physical expression. You are accountable for your thoughtlessness, as well as all pain and suffering you may have caused to the victim and the reflected influence it has on all others connected to anyone harmed. The deceased person does not hold ill will. It is society that does.

In order to help balance the scales, you must become responsible for everthing you say and do. You must learn to honor and cherish life and try to help sustain it.

You are accountable for your body. It is a gift borrowed from the elements that your consciousness helped form and gave life to. To neglect it or to abuse it is to be irresponsible.

Each person is accountable for his sexual actions. You are held responsible for guiding the souls of any children conceived, for protecting their bodies, and for setting positive emotional examples.

The rule goes hand in hand with creativity. You are held accountable for what you create and share with the world, for safeguarding others and not harming life.

3: Before birth you agreed to help others.

The human existence is not one meant to be spent as a sole traveler. We are designed to support and care for one another. Everything we do should be done with the thought in mind, "What is in the highest good for all of life everywhere?"

Service to others means bringing aid, sharing knowledge, and providing a positive addition to someone else's life. All people are born with the right to be treated with respect and dignity. Being of help is extending a hand to the elderly, the children, the ill, and the dying. Service is the opposite of doing things for oneself, for the glory or the economic income. It means being aware that you are a part of a team, the team of human consciousness, and the fate of planet earth rises or falls depending on the team activities.

4: Mature emotionally.

We each express all the emotional feelings, including anger, frustration, depression, hopelessness, guilt, greed, sadness, and worry, as well as joy, happiness, hope, peace, love, and so forth. As you mature and gain insight into what it is to be human, the goal is to grow, to discipline and select your emotions. As someone famous once said, "You are as happy as you will let yourself be."

Relationships and incidents are circles. They start, continue, and stop at some point. If you mature emotionally, there is no difficulty in closing each circle, leaving no frayed edges, no negative feelings.

It is hoped that you experienced being angry as a child, early in life. You can determine how it feels physically to have your body filled with rage compared to how it feels to use understanding, flexibility, and inner peace. The only way your soul has to connect to your brain awareness is through feeling. If your back hurts, for instance, you should ask why. What does it represent? What can you do to change it? What can you learn? Then take care of what needs to be done physically to correct your body, but don't overlook the thought process and spiritual lessons.

There is also the place of honoring your emotions, especially joy and grief. To suppress either of these can cause physical health challenges to emerge.

One of the most important emotions for the health of any individual and for the health of our planet is the use of laughter. As a human, you are given the awareness, the gift of humor and the ability to express it. Through laughter and lightheartedness, the body can remain healthy and health challenges can be corrected. Humor is a problem suppressor; it adds strength to relationships and brings joy to others. The things we consider humourous and laugh at are to be analyzed closely. The challenge is to avoid being destructive in any manner. Humor is so important to your well-being, do not close your eyes for the night's rest unless you have experienced some laughter or joy during the day. If you haven't, get out of the bed and find something to be happy about.

Clowns are special people found in every culture. There is a clown in each of us and an appropriate time in our life to expose that aspect of ourselves. We never grow too old to enjoy ourselves as clowns.

But truthfulness is the key. You can't seek the truth about who you are, why you are here, and how you are doing unless you speak only the truth. Always.

5: Entertain.

Yes, part of your earthly task is to distract and redirect the focus of other people as well as yourself. Entertaining is deliberate and is meant to cheer the weary, to soothe the frustrated, to comfort the diseased, and to be an outlet for creative expression. Entertaining yourself can aid in self-discipline and in maturing emotionally. The challenge comes in partaking only in positive entertainment and not always remaining in the role of the one being entertained. Entertainment can be an extremely strong influence, but it cannot be seperated from accountability.

6: Be a steward of your energy.

Man can neither create nor destroy energy. We can only use it, change it, and rearrange it. All the energy that exists was created in the same instant in time. Every word, every action, every thought you focus on carries with it energy. Everything in our world, both seen and unseen, is a fragment of this stuff called energy. Our world is made up of nothing else.

Why is it so important at this particular time in history that all humans are reminded that their task is to become stewards of their own energy? Because it is collective energy that results in what we see, and in unseen layers of consciousness that surround people and places. Everything in our world is in the process of building up or eroding away based upon the energy level. Each word you utter is released, and goes out into the vapors. Our words are never recaptured, never corrected, never retracted. They become a portion of the layer encircling the planet. Over time, the layer has become so filled with victims' screams, with violent actions, with selfish, limited thoughts that a layer of victim consciousness has now formed. People on earth find it easier to tap into that negativity than to bore through it and reach above it. More than half the souls visiting earth today are in the victim-consciousness mode. We created it, and we must dispel it. This can be accomplished by each of us becoming aware of our stewardship and setting an example. Whatever you focus on grows. Feeling like a victim, blaming others, and wallowing in self-pity only add to the negative vibration. You must change your attitude, forgive and forget, become more optimistic, look to the positive. Put your heart into the other "thou shalt" tasks, and let all the victim relationship attachments be severed.

7: Indulge in music.

One of the great gifts given to the human race is the ability to vocalize in a range of tones more far-reaching than any other life-form and the ability to make instruments that will also produce the sounds of music. Creative expression and entertainment can involve music, but it is so important, it ranks as a separate and distinct task of its own. Music influences all mankind, and, indeed the energy of music can be healing for both body and planet. Listening to peaceful music set to the pace of the human pulse can have a profound positive influence on one's nerves and mental state. Everyone is musical and is influenced by it. Music is your soul speaking. It is the voice of our planet communicating to the universe.

8. Strive to achieve wisdom.

Wisdom is a very separate issue from knowledge. Knowledge is learning that can be obtained from many sources: books, schools, the media, and experience. It is what IQ is based upon. A person can be extremely intelligent and not possess one ounce of wisdom. Wisdom is how a person uses knowledge. It is the deliberate, selective decision to act in a certain way or not to act at all, considering the welfare of everyone concerned.

There is no earthly requirement to attend school or to get a degree. Reading and writing are helpful, but they are not necessary to have a successful spiritual journey as a human being.

You must strive toward wise action, bearing in mind that all souls are having the same human experience, all are visitors and guests on Mother Earth. All are one with the Creator. All of creation came from the same One Source. It is a show of wisdom to honor the purpose of all things and to do that which is in the highest good for all life everywhere.

9: Learn self-discipline.

It isn't anyone elses's obligation to see that each of us chooses actions that are compatible with peaceful, productive, joyous life on this planet. Unfortunately, laws have been found necessary because people did not live in this way.

It is possible to overindulge. It is possible to become addicted, to be negligent, to be greedy. It is possible to be cruel and to be destructive. Self-discipline will keep these things in check, and help toward the task of gaining wisdom.

Self-discipline can help keep your body healthy. The state of human health is a barometer showing us the state of the earth's health. It is necessary to develop self-discipline to experience any inner connectedness of body and soul. Listening to your heart will tell you when something is enough. Learn the difference between hearing what your head says and listening to the message from your heart. Head talk is a product of society. Heart talk is from Forever.

10: Observe without judging.

Observing without judging is sometimes called "unconditional love". All humans are spiritual souls. All were created in the same instant. No one is older, smarter, or better off than anyone else. Each was given the same one gift, the gift of free will, freedom of choice. The Source is perfect, and everything created by the Source is perfect. We were created spiritually perfect and have remained so, but our gift lets us believe and act otherwise. We allow ourselves to see ourselves and others as less than perfect and have the adventure of acting less than our potential peaceful selves.


There are no mistakes in terms of Forever. You can't make a mistake because human life is your gift and you are exploring. You can observe what is taking place and, without judging it as wrong, decide that it doesn't smell, taste, or feel intuitively good for your path. You then bless it and walk on. That is how you can fulfill the requirement to love everyone. It doesn't mean you like their actions, or how they choose to conduct themselves. But you don't judge the person as being wrong. It is simply not a part of your path. You put no energy in that direction. No words, no actions, no thoughts.

If you judge, you must also learn to forgive. Forgive others, forgive situations, forgive yourself.

By using observation without judgement, there is no forgiveness necessary. Observation is linked to understanding, to knowing the truth that all is in perfect Divine Order, that we as humans are only choosing to live less than our perfection. On a daily basis, we can become closer to our potential and reflectively the world will become a more godly place. Ultimately, we will witness the closing of a beautiful, golden circle.



Excerpted from the book, "Mutant Message From Forever", by Marlo Morgan



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