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MVRCP Wishes to thank Mr. Dick Decker and his wife for this fine reunion.

Dick Decker wishes to gives special recognition to the following people.

Bill and Sherry Moore, Lin Krause, Larry and Rosie Brown, Kris Stepheson, Angie and Kris Kitley from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Special thanks to our announcer Tom Kestenholtz.

Jackson Motor Speedway Special People

Doug Dubois, sold popcorn and programs in the stands. Ken Dubois, operated the concession stand on the drive in ramp for several years. Dick and Joyce Weber are the daughter and son in law of Clyde Strong, owner of many race cars that competed at Jackson Motor Speedway. Veryl Schill, builder and owner of Manchester Speedway. Harold Schill, many times track champion at Manchester Speedway. Paul Zimmerman. owner of Spartan Speedway. Mel Gillet, long time racer from Howell, Mi. driving number eleven. The Stull family, Randy, Rod, Roger, Laura, Chicki, Carol Powell, Dennis and Barb Maher. Joe Collins, raced at Jackson Motor Speedway and had fire&rescue at many tracks for past twenty five or thirty years. O. B. Granger, has the fine looking midget on display tonite. Art and Fern Newman, for displaying their 1921 model t race car. Bob Carnes, hall of famer raced many times at Jackson Motor Speedway. Carl Brown, his father campaigned midget racers and Carl sponsored many race cars from his service stations. Chuck Dewey, many years with fire&rescue at M. I. S. Special reconition for former Jackson Motor Speedway race drivers. Ralph Donaldson, (hall of famer)most feature wins at Jackson Motor Speedway (56) of all drivers who raced at Jackson Speedway. Dick Champion, Dave Sprang, Wayne Harington, Scotty King, Bill Brown, Bill Heeney. Frank Colliau, Charlie Clark, Russ Baugh, Wayne Landon (hall of famer)Dick Golightly and Ron Johns.

Thanks to Dennis Donaldson, owner of Rose City Motors for our place mats tonite. A big thanks to Diana and staff at Zip Print in Jackson for the great job on our flyers and place mats. Thanks to Robert at Performance East Red Lobsteron, Lansing Ave. Beer Co. Northside Take Out.

Special recognition of hall of famers in attendance.

Bob Carnes, Wayne Landon, Ralph Donaldson, Denny Donaldson, Jack Calabrase and Art Braithwaite.

Dan Vankovering and Allan Brown representing Michigan Motor Sports Hall of Fame.

Bill Tripp, for the largest group in attendance for 2001.

Three generations of race car drivers. Dick Kinch, Rich Kinch and Rob Walling.

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