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 Please submit your stories about growing up in Columbus. Any pictures are more than welcome...Thanks...


Hello,  I LOVE YOUR SITE!  I was born and always have lived in Columbus and I love to remember "The Old Days."  Thanks for the 1970 yearbook pages--I saw people I used to know and haven't seen for many years.  Do you have any more yearbooks or school pictures? 

 I graduated CHS '65.  I grew up at 610 Second St. (2nd & Lafayette) and went to the old Lincoln School which is an office building now (2nd & Franklin).   Under the parking area of this building is a swimming pool where I spent summer afternoons in the 50's.

 I have subscribed to your page for updates and will be glad to see more. I think the man who may have sold you the radio at Carpenter's may have been Leonard Yoder Thanks--CP


The Crump

I enjoyed your web site more than you ever guessed anybody besides a relative would enjoy it.  I read every word and can't wait for you to add to it.

I just had to write to tell you that most likely I sold you that ticket at the Crump to The Time Machine back in '63. I worked there from March until the middle of July 1963.  That's why I say that most likely I sold you that ticket. I remember all the noisy children coming to the movies. Back then I sat in the glass booth right out there on Third Street and watched the world go by as I worked.  It was great fun.

Other comments about your entries:

You might already know this but the house at 10th and Pearl where you say you delivered papers and there was a fish pond out back is where the lady lived that wrote the garden column in the newspaper.  At least that is what I was told.  She always kept up the house so nice.  It was white with green trim.

What I know about the house at 7th and Lafayette, the Essex House, is that it has at least 2 sleeping rooms rented out at this time.  I'm not sure who owns it.

Can't wait to see your State Street School page.--CJ

The Wagon Wheel

You're right. It was on 3rd across from the Court House. On your downtown map it would be 308 or 310.I think it was 310. Keep up the good work and if I can help locate anything let me know. I graduated from CHS in 1960--EB


Thank you for your very nice web site.  It sure did bring back a lot of memories for me.  I was born and raised in Columbus, Indiana.  I was born in August of 1947.  I lived on Wilson Street, a couple of blocks north of Shortys Restaurant.  My dad worked at Cummins and walked back and forth to work.  My mom didn't drive at the time and we walked "downtown" all of the time to pays bills and shop.  My brother and cousins and I spent a lot of Saturdays at the Crump Theater.  I attended Garfield school until the sixth grade and then I attended Jefferson school for sixth grade.  I attended Central Junior High for three years then attended Columbus "North" High School.  Things sure have changed a lot in Columbus over the years.  I remember "old" downtown Columbus because that is where I spent a lot of time.  I remember that we we used to have a fall festival.  I think it was called Pioneer Days.  My sister was elected Miss Pioneer Days one year.  She was elected by penny votes.  I remember giving her some pennies to help her get elected.  I was probably five years old.  She is twelve or thirteen years older than me.  I remember a triangular shaped building that was located on the corner where I think Home Federal is now located.  I was always fascinated by that building.  I can't remember what business was located there but I remember the building.  Those sure was the good old days.  I miss them.  I sometimes wish that malls had never been invented.  I miss shopping downtown.  I remember the reflecting pool at the big Christian Church.  I remember stopping at the "dime" store and begging my mom to buy candy and I always had to go downstairs and visit the toy department.  My mom bought my school shoes at Schiff's Shoes.  I also remember bathing in the big old washtub too.  We didn't have hot water and we used to have to heat the water on the stove.  I used to help my mom hang clothes on the line.  We had a problem because we did not live very far from the foundry and we would get soot on our clothes.  We also got soot on our cars and just about anything else that was outside.  My mom did a lot of canning.  She previously worked at the canning factory which was located on 10th and Michigan Street or in that vicinity.  There was a field located between 10th and 11th streets and my friends and I would go there to play ball or fly kites.  I had to walk or ride my bike back and forth to school.  I remember when there was no Hawcreek Boulevard.  I remember that there was a Putt-Putt where Hill's used to be.  All five of my children were born in the old Bartholomew County Hospital.  I remember the old jail that used to be located behind the Court House.  I remember the houses in Death Valley.  I had a friend that lived in a house on a street by Haw Creek close to Pleasant Street.  I think the street was called Kerr.  It was just a tar paper house.  I spent the night there once and the snow blew into the cracks of the house.  It made me thankful that my parents had a solid house. I was married in November of 2001 and moved to Seymour, Indiana.  My new husband is employed there.  I miss Columbus.  This is the first time in 54 years that I have lived out of Columbus.  I feel like a fish out of water.  It is always nice when I come back.  Thanks again for the very nice web site and for refreshing a lot of memories.--NSRN


    Thanks for giving Dad the photo credits! I appreciate it, as I know  he would too.
 I enjoyed your recollections of your stint at Zaharako's. My brother, 

Terry worked there a couple years in the mid-'50s. I remember that he would 
occasionally come home from work with a half tub of so of that great ice 
cream. Also, one year they had been over-zealous in ordering Easter candy, 
and divided what was unsold among the closing shift on Easter Eve. Terry 
brought home 2  huge boxes loaded with Easter candy of every variety 
imaginable! Luckily, we had just bought our first deep-freeze, and we worked 
on eating that candy for months.

Columbus Site

I grew up in Columbus....and oh, how I remember a lot of the pictures you
have. I left in 1964 right after I married...and still try to return home as
often as I possibly can. I love that city!
Spent many, many hours at "The Greeks" (Zaharako's) and still to this day
write e-mail to its owner. And when I do go home...that's my first stop for
their Cherry Phosphate..Gam Sandwich, etc.
The skating rink was a second home to me (and the little shop which was only
a couple of doors away where we bought the best fish sandwichs I have ever
had) and my friends, as was the local drive in, and we use to cruise around "
The Big Boy" which sat right across the street from the High School. And of
course, can't forget the dairy queen or Petosa's (right on the corner by the
high school) for their pizza. Many lunch hours spent there. And the
Kitchenette. The old Bob-O-Link.
The old 5 & dime where you could get malted milk balls for a dime...and it
would half fill a bag! Irwin's Gardens...where the large elephant stood...I
could go on and on....oh I am homesick now.
If I can..I will try to go upstairs and find all my old yearbooks...I have
everyone of my yearbooks from my 8th or 9th grade until I graduated in 1963.
But be patient...35 yrs of stuff is stored will take me a
But what a marvelous site you have!! I just love it!!

Tovey's Shoe Store On Washington Street

    I just read your new "Columbus Memories" section, and thoroughly enjoyed
it! One thing has me puzzled though. When I was growing up, Tovey's-----not
Schiffs,was the Poll Parrot dealer, and it was Tovey's who had the parrot.
His name was Corky, by the way. Another interesting fixture at Tovey's
(mostly a sales gimmick,and a rather dangerous one by today's standards) was
the X-ray machine! You could stand on a platform, push a button, look into a
view-finder, and see an instant X-ray of your feet! This was even permitted
without adult supervision! It was not uncommon for a group of us pre-teens to
be hanging out downtown and , for lack of anything more exciting to do, go to
Tovey's to talk to Corky and X-ray our feet. Wouldn't the trial lawyers have
a hey-day with this one in the modern era !?
                                    Take care,

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