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Dave's Tour Of Columbus Indiana

David's Tour Of Columbus Indiana

    Many thanks to the kind lady at Cleo Rogers Library for assisting me in finding this map of Columbus. The map dates 1970 and captures Columbus streets during the 1950's and 1960's. It's amazing how many changes Columbus has witnessed since this map was made. Many of the railroad tracks that once cut a path through the city's streets are gone, and the County Fairgrounds just past 25th and Central (going west) is now the home of Fair Oaks Mall. Hawcreek Boulevard, which once began where State Street meets 3rd Street in East Columbus is now Central Avenue. As compared to other small towns I have visited, Columbus residents have witnessed many changes in the last 32 years...

    For those of you planning a visit to Columbus, I have created "David's Tour Of Columbus Indiana," a quick "web-guide" to my favorite places in Columbus.  Although not stricly based upon the architectural highlights of the city, there are a few included on my "web-tour." If you plan on visiting Columbus for the first time, the Visitors Center (corner of 5th and Franklin Streets) offers daily tours. Check out their website for times. DISCOVER COLUMBUS, a local magazine available at most downtown restaurants and the Commons Mall (downtown) is available at no charge.

    Speaking as a Columbus native, my tour of Columbus strives to capture those places I find of interest, or that may sometimes be overlooked. I have tried to adhere to the original idea behind the "raison d'etre" of  this website (i.e., Columbus  in the 1950's and 1960's), but, for the purposes of familiarizing you with the Columbus of today, I have digressed somewhat. Mill Race Park is included on my tour because of it's beauty, not to mention the covered bridge (quick sidetrip: you will notice that the bottom right hand corner of the map depicts a "Covered Bridge" on Gladstone. It was one of the places I frequented on those hot summer months of  early 1960's July and August, but alas, that bridge has been nothing more than a memory for many years. The bridge that was originally placed in Mill Race Park was a replica of the one that used to be at this location, but was destroyed by fire. The covered bridge currently gracing the Park is a bridge that was once in Liberty, Indiana). Another place is the new portion of St. Peter's Church, which was completed in the late 1980's. Finally, smack dab in the middle of 13th and Hutchins Streets is a statue of a man and boy and model T(?). A great tribute to a time before my 50's and 60's...

    The MAP LEGEND is on the bottom of the map below. EXPLANATION: THIS MAP IS NOT CURRENT! The street layout of our city has changed. As long as you stay on the
BLUE streets though, you'll be fine. What I have done is superimpose blue roads over the old 1970 map. If you click your mouse on any RED dot, it will take you to a few pictures and brief description of the place. When you are finished, simply hit the BACK button on your browser and it will bring you back to this map, or click on the BACK TO MAP button.
    If you enjoy older homes, be sure to cruise Franklin (one way going north) and Lafayette (one way going south) Streets between 7th and 22nd, and be sure to check out 11th Street (go west off Washington for a few blocks).  And don't miss the Miller house next to the Cleo Rogers Library (right at 5th Street if you're going north on Franklin Street).
    One last word of caution: This map is out of date. If you wander from the designated routes (blue), you may become a bit confused, but never fear. You may just discover something new!

With all that said, I hope you enjoy my web-tour of me and let me know what you think!  David Sechrest,
4 3 2 Center Productions

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