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Downtown Columbus Business Locations in 1966

Remember Hubert's Bar & Grill? Everroad's Rambler? Huffer Beauty College? Bill's Barber Shop? Horn's Fish Shop? Edward's 5 & 10 Store? Remember where they were located?

For those of you with enquiring minds who have pondered those deep, thought provoking questions, I created this layout which depicts the shops and businesses in downtown Columbus, 1966. You'll have to excuse the fact that the buildings aren't to scale (at this time), and I'm uncertain as to the exact placement of the alleys between 3rd and 4th, and Washington and Jackson (at this time). 

 This map shows Third St. to Fifth St., and Washington to Jackson. You'll note that this area does include the businesses that were located in the city block where the Commons Mall sits. Hopefully, pictures will, someday, be provided of this area.

It's funny how your mind plays tricks on you as you get older. I could have sworn The Wagon Wheel was across the street from the Courthouse back then. The 1962 phone book doesn't have a listing for the Wagon Wheel, nor does my Columbus City Directory from 1966! But I know I remember seeing that glowing neon Wagon Wheel sign somewhere...

Currently, I plan on making these downtown maps from different years throughout the 50's and 60's to show what businesses came and went. Right now, I plan on taking the map north from Water Street to Eighth Street, and west from Brown (or is it Lindsay?) over to Franklin and possibly Lafayette. That pretty much encompasses the entire downtown area. See if you remember many of these long ago businesses! (note: "east" is on the left side of your monitor; "north" is at the top)

map designed and copyrighted 2002, david sechrest, and may not be used without permission. Information for placement of the businesses on this map was taken from Caron's Columbus City Directory, 1966, Caron Directory Co. Publishers