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Springdale Cemetery-Madison Indiana
Investigation done about January 2004
(photo on main pages was also taken at this cemetery)

Located at 600 West 5th St in Madison Indiana. Local legend is that this cemetery is haunted. One legend states that a statues eyes bleeds on easter morning, the other involving the same statue states that if you kiss the statues feet then she will chase you to your car! To see the statue, stay straight when you enter the cemetery. The statue is on the right against a hill, there is a block ledge surrounding the area on the hillside where she stands.

The statues feet were kissed and she stood perfectly still. If you ask the guy who kissed her feet if she chased him this is his response: "I wished .. in a not really wishing kind of way." So no chasing was detected so blood evidence was needed.


Photo one is a picture of the statue, photo two a closeup. I do not see any traces of blood that might have poured down her face, but seeing as Easter came months before the photo was taken then maybe it was washed away, but I doubt it!

On the nights I have visited this cemetery I do not feel like there was anything out of the ordinary going on. But of course this is only a few nights out of many. If you plan your own visit to this cemetery keep in mind that it does close at sunset, So enter at your own risk.

Aerial veiw of Springdale Cemetery. I do not remember
where I got this picture from.

An interesting story about this cemetery: on one night when several of us visited here with one in the group swearing he would kiss the statues feet we were stopped by the keeper of the cemetery. One of the people with us knew him and he filled us in on some stories about the cemetery. One involving the flood of 1978. He said that during the flood a lot of the coffins were washed out of the graves and into the nearby creek. After the flood volunteers worked to find all the coffins they could and they were replaced into any open grave with a tombstone. There was no way of identifying who went where or who was who. So there is a good chance that whoever's name appears on the stone is not at rest there. He said he learned this by going through some of the old records which he says are pretty interesting. One record identified a man that had his leg amputated and buried. His stump of what was left kept bothering him so he assumed the rest of his buried leg was not at rest. He had his leg dug up and reburied several times until the groundsmen refused to do it anymore. The keeper lived in a little white house on the left as you enter the cemetery, this has been at least 7 years ago and the above photos were taken about a year ago. It doesn't appear that anyone lives in the little house anymore.

If you have stories, photos or other evidence that this cemetery is haunted contact me so that it can be posted here!

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