December 19, 1986



            Yes, we see thy need; we should answer in this manner. Glory be the name of the Lord, thy God; glory be the name of His children for ever and ever.

            And we shall say this parable in this manner and in this way.

            For many people ventured forth in the land you would call the Holy Land, that of Bethlehem. They did make pilgrimage there. For there was the birth and the beginning of the Christian religion. Yet, it sits in the heart of the land of Judaism, and there is a heart of the Moslem religion.

            Remember these words, for in each is like a huge circle, each a part of the other. Each could not exist without the other. If you destroyed one part, you have destroyed the whole. Yet, allow one part to grow, and you allow them all to grow, for they are bound together.

            There are many parts of the Buddha religion, and the Buddhists of many sectors and parts, and they do not make war upon one or another. They have found a way of sharing their God. If only all others would do the same.

            For as we reach forth unto this time, the time that you shall set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, set aside the time, each of you, in you in your hearts and souls, that may we find a way to live among each other in peace and harmony.

            We have seen all nations. But you, who live in this you call the United States of America, are of all nations, of all colors and creed[s]. You have brought forth a great nation dedicated to justice and liberty for all, before God. That and that alone has set you aside from all other nations and has allowed all religions to flourish within the same.

            Yes, you have those who would say this or that about a religion -- and they have the freedom of speech to say. In another land they would not.

            We say unto you, this nation [U.S.A.] shall stand, for it shall be both the birthplace and the walking place, that which he should be known upon, that of the Christ child.

            We say unto you, if we seem to speak in riddles, we do not. For your land and your earth, each day that passes grows once into another. As you celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, celebrate his return, and know it in your hearts.

            The words we are speaking are puzzling to you here tonight. But we say to you, it is but the prophecy coming true.

            Now we should say unto you, your country shall shake as though a great tree has struck it. It shall tremble as though a great earthquake. A change is in the wind. There will be some who think you are weak at this time, and they will think of attacking this country. If there is to be a transition, and there shall be, of power, it must go smoothly now, lest you rip down the walls of your own freedom.

            But we say harken into you, and look, therefore, into your hearts. Find joy, one unto another. Give, one unto another. Do not make rules to bind each other, but say, “Here, my friend, is my love and my care, but I give it to you without attachments.” And receive back the fellowship that is given. Do so in such a way that upon a friendship great things may be rebuilt. Do so in such a way that it allows all of you to become as a child this season. Allow the world to know that from this point a light shall begin to shine. Let it reach out.

            When you leave this place and go unto your homes, take gladness and spread it among you.

            We have given you a gift. We gave you this gift in the form of a healer. But we have given you many gifts. We expect nothing in return.

            The greatest gift that you can give yourself and another is to find happiness in yourself and where you dwell. And others shall see the happiness within you, and the joy, and they will crowd close to you as though seeking warmth from a fire. And they too shall find happiness within themselves, and gladness. For being happy with oneself where you are, and knowing that love is given as a precious gift -- give unto the Lord one tenth of the love He has given unto you this day. And rejoice in your hearts!

            You have many questions ask.

            “Yes, Aka. [C__ C_____] asks, ‘I have misplaced my brother-in-law’s [data cam’s] pictures. Can you please help me find them? Appreciation and thanks.”

            We shall answer your question in this manner. Part of the pictures are with your husband’s sister, and part of your pictures are with your husband’s brother. There is but another part, and they are in your home; look among the other pictures and you shall find them.

            We see thy need, and we say unto thee, rejoice, and allow the season to become a whole part of all of you, for you have much to be thankful for. You think we should be of one type of person and speak with two tongues; we do not. We see thee as you are, a child of God, and we rejoice in this.

     You have other questions, ask.         

            “Thank you, Aka. [E______ P_____] asks, ‘What is my sickness?’”

            Yes, we see your need; we shall answer your question in this manner. It is that of a spastic colon brought about by your surgery. This shall be brought about into a cure. Soul Ray has now brought you into a realm of wholeness. Allow this healing to happen, and it shall be so.

            You have other questions ask.

            “Thank you, Aka. [S___ L_______] asks, ‘What is my contribution to this work, and when shall it be fulfilled?’”

            There are many parts of a whole. But a library shall be built, and an archive shall be there that allows those who wish to study a place to study. That is part of your work, should you choose to do it. If you should not choose to do that, then continue with the work that you have already started in the land of the Houston, for the work you have already started is good and can grow. You have two avenues; either one shall filleth your cup if you shall allow us to continue to reside in your heart.

            You have other questions, ask.

            “Thank you, Aka. [B__ L______] asks, ‘Will the project that soul Ray and I are planning on the ranch be financially successful to the point of building and operating a health and learning facilities at Dripping Springs?’”

            If that is the desire; if finances put forth to develop this, it shall grow into a very bountiful return. It shall take capital gain, in a manner that you shall need capital to process and extract the same. There are many who would like to become into this. Some would be greedy. But fairness is fairness. Allow that fairness to be. And as we have said before, the riches were placed there for a time when they would be needed. Now is the time to remove them for that part that is needed.

            You have other questions, ask.

“Thank you, Aka. [N____ B__] asks, ‘Will my son be talking to me again?’”

            Yes we see thy need, and we shall answer your question in this manner. It is said, “Honor thy mother and father.” It is his sin, not yours. Allow this to happen, but do so by retaining your dignity.

            You have, shall have other questions, ask.

            “Yes, thank you, Aka, a question from [S_____ R___],[who] asks, ‘Will my job situation improve at my place of em­ployment in the next five months or should I begin to look for a new job? Please advise me, and thank you.’”

            We shall answer your question; first, the question you have not asked. Restore your home life if you wish for a job or anything else to improve. Either rebuild or shall be destroyed before you. As it is destroyed so shall all the others parts fall away.

            We tell you, if you build a house, place a foundation, and a foundation that we speak of is your marriage. Put a foundation into your marriage that it might work and flourish. If it is not done so soon that that brought it forth to begin with shall allow it to die. As your husband becomes well, your marriage becomes a disease. Yet, the disease has not gone so far that it could not be cured, but you must make necessary steps to sanctify the marriage. If these things are done, the job situation, as you shall speak of it, shall improve because you shall be doing that which you were hired to do, and promotion shall come forth. As we have said before, it is freedom of choice. We do not interfere. We only answer your questions. We may serve when we are asked; we may not interfere.

            You have other questions, ask.

            “Yes, Aka. She also asks, ‘Please tell me the significance of my Greek name, [Octaiba].’”

            We have just told her the significance.

            “Thank you, Aka.”

            For some there shall be an eternity. For some there shall be never. For some there shall be now. You are all parts of all things you have ever been. And who you are now is the most important time of all, for you have a chance to become part of the preparation for the coming of a Messiah, the greatest time this Earth shall ever know. It’s not the meaning of the name that you have. See it in its fullness. But should you receive a spiritual name, you must earn it.

            You have other questions, ask.

            “Thank you, Aka. [P_______ A______, known as P____ C_____] asks, ‘If we should keep or sell our properties in Show Low and Concho Valley?’”          

            Both shall gain. If it is possible to sell, sell, but now is not the time when the weather is cold. We see your need, yet we see -- we would say this, for an explanation of what we are saying would be long. Come unto soul Ray for counseling that he might explain in detail these things you need to know.

            You have other questions, ask.

            “Thank you, Aka. [J___ A______, Jr.] asks, ‘Are my business ventures on the right track or going in the right direction?’”

            Yes we see thy inner need; we should answer in this manner. Once again, come unto soul Ray for counseling to elaborate fully, on yes or no, and the possibility. It must be done on personal basis, and the thing you wish to hear is not something that you wish others to hear. Come, therefore, unto soul Ray for counseling.

            We say unto you, glory be the name of the Lord, thy God; glory be the name unto His children. And we say to you, may the Lord bring forth unto your hearts the warmth, the love, the glory that is intended. May the Cherub be with you. May you walk in the light of he who is to come, and he who has come, yet they should be of the same. Yet the time shall be different.

            As you stand around and see the conjecture [conjunction] of the stars that shall come together, look unto the heavens, for they are writing upon the sky, the fullness of the time.

            Once, Jesus of Nazareth said, “Can you not read the seasons? Can you not see the time that is about you?” We say unto you the same. Let the gloryness and the holiness and the joy of God dwell in each soul; let them take it forth with them. Let the glory of God be with you.

            Awaken soul Ray from his slumber.


[Editor’s note: Numbers are substituted for names, addresses and birth dates to respect privacy.]


Copyright © 1986 by A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona