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Yes! These Halloween web images  are FREE! Web Pages would look
pretty plain if we didn't have images!

These images I have found all over the net.  I have only collected images that I like, and would love to pass them on to you. 
Please do NOT link to the image itself, copy the file to your site.
I will be adding more images in the days to come, so check back often!

Bats and Spiders Halloween Bars and Backgrounds
Coffins and Crypts Halloween Miscellaneous

Creatures and Creatures 2

Miscellaneous 2 and Miscellaneous 3
Graveyards Pumpkins and Pumkins 2
Pumkins Clipart Link
Ghosts Skeletons , skeletons 2, skeletons 3
Haunted Houses and Haunted Houses 2 Vampires
Mummies and Wizards Witches

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