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The Lasby family

The Lasby family
This page compiled by D.L. van den Brink
great-great grandson of Frederick Lasby & Catherine Lawrence-Lasby

Updated Nov.3, 2009

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Elora, Ontario, Canada.. Sons of Joseph and Matilda Crowther-Lasby, 1875

back row L-R: Joseph Jr., Levi, Fredrick
front row L-R: Oliver, James, Sylvester

Nov. 3, 2009: Thank you to my Lasby cousins in Saskatchewan for the scan of the original photo.

Excerpts from....The Lasby Story
by Bill Lasby, Toronto, Canada.. June 18, 1969
(original is 9 typed pages)

In 1824, Charles Lasby and his wife, Margaret Challenor, and their family arrived in Pilkington from Stafforshire. Their arrival is recorded in John Connon's book as follows:

Charles Lasby and Margaret Challenor, his wife, were from Staffordshire, England. The date of their arrival is uncertain but it was not later than 1828. The farm on which they settled was on the south side of Cox's Creek at Ponsonby, and is now called "Fife" farm. The reason for selecting this was that the timber was thin along the banks of the stream while the beaver meadow there was heavy growth of wild grass with which to feed their oxen. Their house was on the side side leading to Bethany Church and the aged parents were buried on the Edgerton Fife farm.

They had a famliy of twelve of whom Joseph Lasby was one. He lived on that corner farm northeast of the Bethany Church. In 1837 he married Matilda Crowther and it is from this family that all in this locality by the name of Lasby are descended. Of their family of one girl and eight boys, the only ones now living are Mrs. John Seaton, of Altona, Michigan and Mr. Walter Lasby of Northfield, Minnesota. Joseph Lasby died in January, 1878 and Mrs. Lasby died in June of 1854. [the above book excerpt was published in 1930]

Bill Lasby continues...

In my search for details on the family I have developed information, some of which supplements Mr. Connon's information and some that differs from his.

I have established that the family arrived in 1824 and that Charles Lasby died in 1870. He is not buried on the Fife farm as recorded but his headstone is in the old Ponsonby cemetary. In my search I have located information on only five children of Charles Lasby and Margaret Challenor, and I have some questions as to whether or not there were twelve children as recorded by Connon.

My sister, Emily, who also has a keen interest in the family, spoke to the late Thomas Bye many years ago concerning the elder members of the Lasby family. He recalled Charles Lasby as an elderly man. At that time, Mr. Bye was a young boy and had been sent by his mother for a bucket of coals to light their fire. He recalls Mr. Lasby, who was working in the garden, as a very kindly short man with a sandy beard.

Frederick Lasby was the oldest Lasby boy. He married Catherine Lawrence and they had eight children. Frederick died at an early age, and this family had many difficulties before they got started on their way. My grandfather, Sylvester, married Mary Lawrence, a sister of Catherine, and my father and his brothers were very close to this family.

The next son, Joseph, married Mary Bye. This family moved to western Canada. I do not have much detail on this family.

Immediately after the Civil War, Minnesota was formed into a state and there was a great rush of settlement. Walter Lasby left Canada and went to Minnesota and took up a homestead. He married Lavinia Freeman and he became a prominent citizen in southern Minnesota. There were four children, some of whom became quite famous. A son, William, became an orthodontist and founded the dental school of the University of Minneapolis. The daughter, Jennie, was quite a brilliant person. She was the first lady astronomer in the United States and received an appointment to Potsdam just before the outbreak of the first World War. Going over in the boat to take up this appointment, she met a young German musician who was returning to Germany due to the threat of war. They fell in love at once. Because of the war, Jennie returned to the United States but following the war went back to Germany to find her love. He had been badly gassed and apparently wasn't expected to live long. They were married and as Mrs. Tessman, came back to the United States. Jennie immediately went to work teaching at one of the universities in California and had quite a brilliant career. She had the old Lasby family bible from which she gave me many of the dates and some of the information that is on the chart. Through my correspondence with Mrs. Tessman, I met Mrs. Helen Jeffrey, who was the daughter of William Lasby referred to above. She was a charming lady and became quite a goof friend of ours.

Following her Aunt Jennie's death, she intended to go to California to work with Mr. Tessman, then an elderly gentleman, in the winding up of her aunt's affairs. Apparently, many of the Lasby artifacts, including the old Lasby bible, had been kept by Mrs. Tessman. Unfortunately, Helen died quite suddenly and she was the last of the Walter Lasby family. In her will, she left me a beautiful china pitcher that had been brought to Canada by Margaret Challenor-Lasby in 1824.

Sylvester Lasby was my grandfather. He married Mary Lawrence and they had four children, Walter, my father, Lynn, Amos and Charles. Sylvester farmed on a large farm on the town line between Pilkington and Woolwich Township. As a boy, I remember the old log house that they had built and played in it as my father at that time was renting his farm. It overlooked the Grand River. On this farm he built a large brick house which still stands. My sister, Emily, and her family repurchased this Lasby farm some years ago.

The next boy was Oliver. He married Matilda Howse, a great aunt of my mother. This family went to Minnesota. I judge about the same time that Walter left for that country.

The next brother was James, who also accompanied Walter and Oliver to Minnesota. James was to have married a Seaton girl, a sister of Elizbeth's husband. Both Oliver and James died of tuberculosis and Walter looked after their affairs at the time of their deaths. In the Oliver Lasby family there were four children, three girls and a boy. I believe that some of the descendants of this family are still in Minnesota. Others are in California.

Levi, the next son, married Mary Beal of Elora. He took over the Joseph Lasby homestead. There were six children, Emily, John, James, Minnie, William and Percival. My father and mother were very great friends with this family. Levi died in 1898 and the early 1900's this family emigrated to Saskatchewan. Most of them settled around Moose Jaw, and became a very prominent family in that area. Mrs. Lasby died at the great age of 95 years and during her lifetime had entertained many prominent people including two Governor-Generals of Canada and their wives.

Charles, the youngest of the nine children, became a minister and preached in New York. He married Carrie Newman and they had one son named Newman, who was killed in a railway accident at the age of 22.

......End of Bill Lasby narrative......

compiled by Roy Lasby

Schemuel Laceby, b.? d. June 8, 1757 Fradswell, Stafforshire, married May 8, 1713 to:
Maria Capewell, b.? d. December 18, 1770, Fradswell, Staffordshire.
1-Joseph, b. March 15, 1715 Fradswell
2-Elizabeth, b. May 11, 1719 Fradswell, d. October 28, 1719
3-Elizabeth, b. April 21, 1721 Fradswell
4-Richard, b. August 23, 1721 Fradswell
5-Oliver, b. August 19, 1728 Fradswell, d.?
6-Samuel, b.?
7-Ann, b.?

Oliver Laceby married December 23, 1750 to:
Ann Collins, b.? d. August 20, 1765 Milwich, Staffordshire
1-Oliver, b. October 6, 1751 Milwich, d. January 21, 1827 Penkhull, Staffordshire
2-Joseph, b. May 13, 1753 Milwich

Oliver Laceby married February 19, 1776 to:
Eleanor Johnson, b.? d. May 17, 1795 Milwich
1-Eleanor, b. April 20, 1777 Milwich, d. July 26, 1792 Milwich
2-Richard, b. May 17, 1779 Milwich, d. February 12, 1780 Milwich
3-Charles, b. circa 1782 Milwich, d. June 6, 1870 Ponsonby, Ontario, Canada
4-Richard, b. May 21, 1785 Milwich, d. May 20, 1786 Milwich

Charles Lasby married January 29, 1807 to:
Margaret Challenor, b. circa 1784 Milwich


1-Oliver, b. December 27, 1808, Milwich, d. January 8, 1860 Action, Ontario

2-Charles, b. March 9, 1809 Milwich, d.? in England

3-Joseph, b. December 9, 1810 Milwich, d.January 24, 1878 Ponsonby, Ontario

4-Eleanor, b. July 5, 1812 Milwich, d. July 2, 1877 Pilkington, Ontario

5-Amelia, b. January 23, 1814 Milwich, d.?

6-Abraham, b. November 29, 1815 Milwich, d.? drown in Wisconsin

7-Mary, b. March 26, 1817 Milwich, d. May 6, 1904 Berlin, Ontario

8-Richard, b.? d. December 8, 1820 Milwich

9-Susan, b. circa 1821 Milwich, d.? (married Charles Crowther)

10-Harriet, b. November 15, 1822, Penkhull, Staffordshire, d. May 1887 Pasadena, California
(married to Donald Wallace)

11-Samuel, b. May 20, 1825 Penkhull, Stafforshire, d.? drown in Wisconsin

12-Charles, b. September 30, 1827 Milwich, d.before 1828 in England

Joseph Lasby married 1837 to:
Matilda Crowther, b. June 12, 1818 London, Ontario, d. June 5, 1854 Ponsonby, Ontario


1-Elizabeth C., b. June 23, 1838, Ponsonby, Ontario, d. 1921 Altona, Michigan
(married John Seaton)

2-Frederick, b. May 17, 1840 Ponsonby, Ontario, d. April 23, 1879 Inverhaugh, Ontario
(married to Catherine Lawrence)

3-Walter, b. May 22, 1843 Ponsonby, Ontario, d. February, 1920, Santa Ana, California

4-James Marshall, b. January 15, 1845, Ponsonby, Ontario, d. March, 1883 Fairmont, Minnesota
(married to Mary Bye)

5-Joseph Jr., b. November 4, 1846 Ponsonby, Ontario, d. January 31, 1880 Peel, Ontario

6-Sylvester, b. September 6, 1848 Ponsonby, Ontario, d. November 1, 1903 Inverhaugh, Ontario
(married to Mary Lawrence, sister of Catherine)

7-Oliver C., b. October 24, 1848 Ponsonby, Ontario, d. June 16, 1887 Elora, Ontario
(married to Lydia Peckover)

In August, 2009 I passed through Chester, Nebraska for the first time. I toured the cemetery and got some photos.

Oliver & Lydia were in Chester, Nebraska by 1885. I believe they were the first Lasby family into Chester.
Lydia died and was buried in Chester May 2, 1888 age 35 years. There was also a child of this couple buried
there as well. Olive, infant daughter. I wish I knew more of the story behind Oliver & Lydia. For them to have
died so young and loose an infant child all in just a couple years.

8-Levi, b. circa 1852 Ponsonby, Ontario, b. February 8, 1897 Ponsonby, Ontario
(married to Mary Beal)

9-Charles Crowther, b. February 13, 1856 Ponsonby, Ontario, d. November 17, 1902 Williamsburg, New York
(married to Carrie T. Newman)

Frederick Lasby married April 22, 1862 to:
Catherine Lawrence, b. November 28, 1844 Winterborne, Ontario

Obituary of Mother Lasby


1-George Edgar, b. February 20, 1863 Pilkington, Ontario, d. April 19, 1931 Virden, Manitoba
(married to Sarahiskey)

2-Joseph Albert, b. May 7, 1864 Pilkington, Ontario, d. February 19, 1895 Chester, Nebraska
(married to Mary L. Bedell)

3-James Marshall, b. October 24, 1865 Pilkington, Ontario, d. June 15, 1914 Virden, Manitoba
(not married)

4-Catherine Mary, b. July 21, 1868 Pilkington, Ontario, d. June 6, 1921 Virden, Manitoba
(married to A. Harold Bowyer)

5-Martin Lewis, b. February 20, 1872 Inverhaugh, Ontario, d. March 6, 1938 Tompkins, New York
(married to Grace Mae Garvin)

6-Charles S., b. October 4, 1873 Inverhaugh, Ontario, d. November 28, 1934 San Benito, Texas
(married to Marion Fabrique)

7-Frederick John D., b.May 5, 1875 Inverhaugh, Ontario, d. October 15, 1940 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
(married to Mary Lydia Bush)

8-Francis Thomas, b. April 9, 1879 Inverhaugh, Ontario, d. October 31, 1881 Inverhaugh, Ontario

9-Adele Louise, b. March 31, 1877 Inverhaugh, Ontario, d.? Vancouver, B.C.
(married to Fred Underhill)

10-Harriet Matilda, b. April 12, 1867 Pilkington, Ontario, d. July 21, 1867 Pilkington, Ontario

11-Frederick William, b. April 26, 1870 Inverhaugh, Ontario, d. December 22, 1872 Inverhaugh, Ontario

After the death of Frederick Lasby in 1879, Catherine Lasby married Joseph Smith, and they had one daughter. At the time that the family moved to Nebraska in 1894, Catherine Lasby and Joseph Smith were no longer together and Catherine Lasby and their daughter went by the name Lasby until Catherine's death and Maggies's marriage. [error or missing text] daughter, Janet Margaret Christina Maude Lasby (Smith), b. February 25, 1884 Inverhaugh, Ontario, d. May, 1968 San Benito, Texas
(married Feb. 1906 in Chester, Nebraska to Charles Hiatt Yost)

Martin Lewis Lasby married June 13, 1896 to:
Grace Mae Garvin, b. May 18, 1877 Red Oak, Iowa


1-Clarence Lewis, b. March 23, 1898 Chester, Nebraska, b. April 23, 1967 Portland, Oregon

2-Alice May, b. October 13, 1899 Chester, Nebraska, d. June24, 1987 Reseda, California
(married to Stanley Minns) My maternal grandparents.

3-James Walter, b. September 11, 1905 Chester, Nebraska, d. December 4, 1966 Colton, California
(married to Bernice A.K.Lunn)

4-George Singer, b. January 17, 1907 Chester, Nebraska, d. July 6, 1971 Colton, California
(married to Lois Rose Shevalier). I spent a lot of time with Uncle George and Aunt Lois at their
home in Colton, California in the 1960s. Might be safe to say Uncle George was my favorite uncle.

5-Lawrence Garvin, b. October 22, 1909 Chester, Nebraska
(married to Florence Shepardson) They had a chicken ranch in San Bernadino, Calif.
Grace Mae Garvin (Grandma Lasby) lived there in her last years. This is where I met her.

6-Edgar Martin, b. July 6, 1911 Chester, Nebraska, d. July 23, 1958 San Bernadino, California
(married to Adeline Cora Hurd) Knew her as Aunt Addy. Very sweet lady. I spent time with her
and her 2nd husband, Keith, in Indio, California in the 1960s.

7-Frank Wilbur, b. October 14, 1915 Virden, Manitoba, d. March 23, 1986 Las Vegas, Neveda
(married to Anne Hollister)

8-Glen Earl, b. May 10, 1919 Virden, Manitoba, d. June 11, 1935 Tompkins, New York

Lawrence family

Edward Lawrence, b. circa 1781 Byfield, Northhamptonshire,
married unknown date to Elizabeth (unknown), b. 1784 Chalcombe, Northhamptonshire.

1- Henry, b. November 29, 1813 Byfield, Northamptonshire, d. 1848 Elora, Ontario
(married to Jane Mundon)

2- George, b. August 8, 1817 Byfield, Northamptonshire
(married Harriet Singer) It has been reported that Harriet Singer was born
in Kentucky. But I have her baptism the church in Ontario.

3- Charles, b. circa 1820 Byfield, Northamptonshire
(married to Mary Cox)

4- Louisa, b. circa 1828 Byfield, Northamptonshire


George Lawrence married (unknown date) to:
Harriet Singer, b. February 16, 1823 Wellington County, Ontario.

1- Phoebe A., b. March 30, 1843 Waterloo, Ontario, d. ?
(married to Nathaniel Tribe)

2- Catherine, b. November 28, 1844 Waterloo, Ontario
(married to Frederick Lasby)

3- Charles, b. October 8, 1846 Waterloo, Ontario, d. March 31, 1854 Waterloo, Ontario

4- Elizabeth, b. October 18, 1848 Waterloo, Ontario, d. November 7, 1849 Waterloo, Ontario

5- Benjamin John, b. March 25, 1850 Waterloo, Ontario, d.?
(married to Delilah Copeland)

6- William George, b. June 11, 1852 Waterloo, Ontario, d.?
(married to Jane Stewart)

7- Mary Louise, b. October 20, 1854 Waterloo, Ontario, d. 1942 Wellington, Ontario
(married to Sylvester Lasby)

8- Merab Hannah, b. October 28, 1856 Waterloo, Ontario, d.?
(married to Charles Stockford)

9- Harriet Angline, b. July 17, 1860 Waterloo, Ontario, d.? (married to Thomas Shaw)

10- Frances George, b. January 6, 1860 Waterloo, Ontario, d.?
(married to Laura Dagmar Kerr)

11- Henry Edward, b. February 14, 1859 Waterloo, Ontario, d.?

12- Charles A., b. August 6, 1865 Waterloo, Ontario, d.?
(married in 1889 to Louisa E. Seaton)

Challenor Family

Joseph Challenor, b. circa 1752, married December 6, 1778 in Stone, Staffordshire to:
Mary Tabbenor, b. circa 1747, d. March 4, 1828 Milwich, Staffordshire.

1- Mary, b. October 29, 1780 Milwich, Staffordshire, d.?

2- Joseph, b. October 7, 1782 Milwich, Stafforshire, d.?

3- Margaret, b. September 19, 1784 Milwich, Stafforshire, d. 1856 Ponsonby, Ontario
(married Charles Lasby)

4- Samson, b. March 4,, 1787 Milwich, Stafforshire, d.?
(married to Eliza Rushton)

5- Ann, b. November 9, 1788 Milwich, Stafforshire, d. August 19, 1790 Milwich, Staffordshire

6- Sarah, b. May 21, 1790 Milwich, Stafforshire, d.?
(married to William Morey)

Crowther Family

William Crowther, b.?, married to Elizabeth (?)

1- Matilda, b. June 12, 1818 London, Ontario
(married to Joseph Lasby)

2- Charles, b.?
(married to Susan Lasby)

3- James, b.?
(married to Margaret Johnson)

4- Josiah, b. 1831 New York
(married to Emily M. Freeman)

5- Jonah, b. 1837 New York
(married to Saretta ?)

Martin Lewis Lasby & Grace Mae Garvin-Lasby, 1925

Lasby boys
(date unknown)

back-right is George Singer Lasby

Lasby family, 1928.

far left is Martin Lewis Lasby,
Grace Mae Garvin,
Alice Lasby,
Stanley Minns (my grandfather).
George Singer Lasby back row, center.

Lasby boys, 1937

from left to right:
George, Lawrence, Wilber, Edgar

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