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November 27, 2003
Oscar gets the bird
As I write this, it is in the wee, small hours of the morning of Thanksgiving Day. I just want to take a moment and wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving! May your feast be bountiful, may your company be merry, and may your turkey never be dry!
Let's eat!

November 25, 2003
Not much to report as we stroll towards Thanksgiving. I do got some good news about our favorite director, Tim Richardson. Tim just recently got a raise and a promotion at his workplace, Insight Media. Congratulations, Tim! You certainly deserve it!

Future Dachshund rancher, Nick Grove, got a male Dachshund puppy this past weekend. Nick says the puppy is only six weeks old and he named him "Verner" ("Vern" for short). Vern's older sister/future wife, Cleoie, greeted the puppy into the family by peeing on him. 

Now having a male and female Dachshund, Nick is confident he'll have his coat of wiener dogs in a couple of years!

November 22, 2003
Do the Watusi!
Just recently received a stack of Watusi the Talking Dog comic books from Mr. Dale Martin! Besides being mighty fine reading, one of the issues (#6) included a jam strip that I worked on. Like my previous Watusi efforts, you can see the strip right here on this website. And, to better showcase the Watusi jams, I have created a special section for Dale's gabby canine in the Etc. section so check it out!

November 19, 2003
It's been ten days since I last wrote something in this space. Is that acceptable in blogging circles? If not, I guess I could consider myself a rogue blogger, but that would involve too much pretension and self-delusion. I don't think I could pull that off.

For some reason, I have had a salty taste in my mouth the past twenty-four hours or so. I hope this doesn't mean I'm turning into a pillar of salt.

Yesterday was Christy's birthday. Happy belated birthday, Christy! I'm really sorry I didn't get you anything. I promise to make up for it on Christmas!

Ever since I saw it a couple weekends ago, I have been thinking on and off about The Office. It's turning out to be one of those shows where the more I think about it, the more I enjoy it. It really was a brilliant show and I need to watch it again.

I saw Elf  a couple of Sundays back and it was lightweight fun.  After reading some of the good reviews it received, I think I went into the movie with slightly raised expectations that didn't really pay off. However, any film that features Ed Asner and Bob Newhart is going to get my approval. It was also a pleasant surprise to see Andy Richter and Amy Sedaris among the cast as well. Plus Will Farrell is a likable lead so I give Elf an A for good casting and a B for all the rest.

The balcony is closed.

In Eric Whetsel News...
Eric was in a mosh pit and survived!

 November 9, 2003
 If you haven't noticed, I have been slacking this past week. I'm currently mired in utter shame, but a new strip will be posted tomorrow.


Christy returned safely from Winnipeg Friday night. Christy describes her trip as being "the longest, most boring week of my life". As for Winnipeg itself, Christy says "Winnipeg is such a lovely city.....especially if you have a love of industrial cities where every building is small and square. And people talk really, really fast and move really, really slow." Consult your travel agent today!

Welcome home, Christy!

In Eric Whetsel News...
Eric's mother, Councilwoman Connie Whetsel, got reelected to Dunkirk's city council. She ran unopposed.

As for me, I have been watching The Office on dvd and I think it's a pretty entertaining sitcom. It made me chuckle, it did (I'm trying to sound British)! Thanks to the local King of Television, Nick Grove, for letting me borrow it! 

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