Active Blather: November 2002

November 25, 2002
It's finally Thanksgiving week and I really don't have much to report. My car is fixed (Yay! Thanks again, Dad!), work is slowing down (Goodbye, overtime. Goodbye, extra Christmas money!) and the strip is still running in All Access (Thanks, Michelle!). It did snow last Thursday, but not enough to close schools (Drat! Wait a minute, I don't go to school. Yay!). And that's about it. 


So, uh, thanks for dropping by and be careful on your way home!

November 11, 2002
This website hasn't been updated for over a month (give or take a few days).

The episode that refused to die, "Single White Vinnie", is completed. Tim finished postproduction last weekend and the episode should air very soon!
Tim did a great job assembling all the pieces to create another Boffo! episode. Thanks again, Tim, for all your hard work and creative ingenuity!

I experienced some major car trouble a few weeks ago when my timing belt broke as I was driving to work. I have been worrying about that timing belt for the last couple years, but, in typical Tom Cherry fashion, I didn't do anything about it until it was too late. So my car has been in the garage for the last three weeks. The timing belt has been replaced, but other repairs need to be done as well so who knows when my old rattletrap will be completed. Thankfully, Dad loaned me his blazer to drive around. Thanks, Dad!


Eric returned from his trip to Europe and it sounds like he had a great time touring the old world. Welcome home, Eric, and thanks for the comic book!

I'm slowly becoming a major hypochondriac. I seem to worry about having a new disease or a new form of cancer every week. It's sad and depressing and getting on my nerves. I wonder if having a lobotomy would solve that problem.


Local actor and friend, Earl Campbell,
is featured on the cover of the November 7th
issue of All Access.

I'm happy to announce Those Funky Idiots are now appearing in the new local arts and entertainment weekly, All Access! It's such a thrill to see my little comic strip appearing in print again! I have to thank my editor, Michelle Kinsey, for the opportunity to  become a professional cartoonist once again and for giving the Idiots a new home! I hope the Idiots and All Access have a long and rewarding relationship!

More thanks to everybody who wrote letters of support for the strip! Thank you all for your kindness and encouragement!

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