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August 1, 2007
Maintaining the Status Quo: I had a strong urge to quit my job yesterday. No particular reason. I mean nobody yelled at me or told me what to do, but the meaningless nature of my job weighed upon me. Now I'm no stranger to this feeling. It visits me practically everyday I find myself at Touchy Feely Fotos, but it was stronger yesterday for some reason. To be honest, what I do for a living could be done by a well-trained chimp and I have the salary to prove it. Add that realization to all the mindless chatter that serves as the background noise to my workday existence and frustration quickly takes root. I fought the temptation to walk out though. My bills prevent me from taking that major step unfortunately. However, if this strong urge continues to occur, maybe it will finally serve as the spur to find a better job and dislodge myself from the photo trade. One can hope.

Reading: Dishwasher by Pete Jordan aka "Dishwasher Pete"

Album of the Moment: The Sophtware Slump, Grandaddy

The Number of Ketchup Packets I Received at Lunch Yesterday: Four

Lazybones: I have yet to write about trip to Austin. I really need to get on that.

 July 20, 2007
The Class of 1987: I went to my 20th-year high school reunion last Saturday and it turned out to be less painful than I thought it would be. About a third of the class (25-30 graduates, give or take) showed up for the shindig and everybody I talked to was very friendly. Some people really changed while others practically looked the same. My old pal, Marty Reese, was in attendance with his lovely bride, Jennifer, and it was nice to catch up with them. The food was okay in a restaurant on a golf course kind of way, but nothing really stood out. I did spill a glass of water, creating a small puddle on one table, but nobody seemed to mind. Scandalous!

The Last Picture Show: I filmed my last scene for Grove Lake this past Wednesday. We were back in the bait shop where I previously tossed some earthworms onto a snooty, little lady. This time my character, Massey, shares his theory about growing antlers and ends up getting scolded by the movie's heroine (Played by my friend, the great Wanita Spence). We worked on the scene for a couple hours, pausing whenever a customer entered. Everything went rather smoothly and soon I was done.

Overall, I was on set for six days and I had a great time participating in the movie magic. The cast and crew were very efficient and professional. It'll be interesting to see how the film turns out. Hopefully, most of my stuff won't end up on the cutting room floor! I guess I'll find out when it premieres sometime in December. 

Emmy Nominations: Could somebody please explain the bizarre hold Boston Legal  has over the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences? Snubbing the stellar cast of Deadwood was sadly expected, but no Best Actor nom for Dexter's Michael C. Hall? Unforgivable! On the positive side, yay for Rainn Wilson, yay for Neil Patrick Harris, yay for This American Life, and a big yay for Jenna Fischer! But, seriously, Boston Legal?  

Introducing A New Feature: For the last ten years or so, I was convinced Toby Huss (aka "The actor who played Artie the Strongest Man in The World") did the voice for Dale on King of The Hill. THIS IS NOT TRUE! It turns out Johnny Hardwick voices Dale while Mr. Huss plays Kahn and Cotton Hill. I Stand Corrected!

July 13, 2007
Yesterday I threw a handful of worms at a woman. Repeatedly. I, of course, was on the set of Grove Lake, the Ball State summer film I've been working on for the last few weeks. In the scene, my character, Massey, tries to make small talk with a snooty lady and gets insulted for his trouble. In retaliation, he pelts her with nightcrawlers as she walks away. I did my best to aim for the middle of her back, but the trajectory of a small mass of worms was slightly off a time or two.

I can't speak for the worms, but I had fun.

 July 9, 2007
Annotation: To give credit where credit is due, I have to admit Eric Whetsel was responsible for this strip's punchline. My original choice was "parole officer", but pimp is funnier. Thanks, Eric! Your non-existent check is the mail!

July 6, 2007
How I Spent My 4th of July: I worked on comic strips while watching a King of A Hill marathon on FX

Yesterday's Embarrassing Moment: While putting in one of my contact lenses, I dropped it and I thought it went down the sink's drain. Despite losing my contacts numerous times in the past, I went into panic mode. For three whiny minutes, I searched, gave up hope, and then searched again. Flinging my right hand in frustration, I heard a familiar sound. The sound of a contact lens making contact with a hard surface (An actual sound, believe me!). Looking down into the toilet, I saw my lens clinging to the bowl. I delicately retrieved it and gave it a through cleaning or three, As I type this, that same lens resides in my right eye.

The Picture Business: Less embarrassing for me was filming a brief scene at Prairie Creek reservoir for the film, Grove Lake. I basically had to wave good-bye to a car and then I was done. While at the shoot, a goose hissed at me. I guess I shouldn't have parked so close to it.

The Number of Ketchup Packets I Received at Lunch Yesterday: 7

Random TV Memory: I always enjoyed it when Tony Randall and Mandy Patinkin would run onto the set of Late Night with David Letterman, perform a number, and then run off the stage.

July 4, 2007

July 1, 2007
As Deadly As Jazz Hands!
Twilight of The Dead: It's finally happened! The zombies have left Those Funky Idiots after overstaying their welcome for the past few months! Of course, the zombies aren't really to blame for the strip screeching to a halt. No, that fault rests on this fat cartoonist's shoulders. What started out as a nice change of pace sadly became an exercise in futility and I have nobody to blame, but myself. Hopefully, with the undead out of the way, the strip can get back on track and I'll be updating it more regularly.

So: Did you run out and buy your iPhone? Yeah, me neither.

Reading: I Love You, Beth Cooper by Frank Doyle

Bad News: Nick was in the hospital...

Good News: But now he's home! Take it easy, Nick!

More Good News: Rilo Kiley is releasing a new album in August!

Today's TV Quote: "A fist is just a hand praying by itself."
- Clay Puppington (Moral Orel)

June 21, 2007
On the set of Grove Lake
Lights! Camera! Action!: I just recently stumbled into a part for a Ball State student movie tentatively called Grove Lake. I play a Boo Radley-type of character with a fondness for scrap metal. My first day in front of the camera was Tuesday in Summitville where I harass a lovely reporter in a bar. Thursday found me in Mt. Pleasant, looking for cans and harassing that same lovely reporter (Are you noticing a trend?).

The cast and crew are a creative, energetic bunch that have treated me kindly. Filming the last couple of days have brought back fond memories of my public access days. Though the equipment is more expensive and the crew more plentiful, the process is basically comparable to what we did on our little garage sitcom. It's been fun playing make believe in front of a camera again. I'm just hoping I'm delivering the goods performance wise.

Album of the Moment: Icky Thump, The White Stripes

Political Suicide: By choosing a Celine Dion song for her campaign, Hillary Clinton guaranteed her bid for presidency will go down in flames.

The Number of Ketchup Packets I Received at Lunch Yesterday: Five

Coming Soon: Tales from Texas!

June 16, 2007
Hello!: I'm back from Texas and I had a good time in Austin with all my friends! I kept a travel journal during my vacation so I'll be sharing some stuff from that in the next couple of posts. In the meanwhile, I want to thank everybody who wished me a happy birthday this past week. Speaking of which...

My Birthday Bounty: Six cards, an ice cream cake, a box of Dots, a roll of giant Smarties, a copy of High Fidelity, a bag of M&M's, $255.00 in American currency, and a battered copy of Little Archie #158

Lone Star Fact: Texas has no state income tax

The Best Reason Why I Should Wash My Car: Splattered bug corpses from Arkansas may be screwing up its resale value

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