Active Blather: April 2003

April 16, 2003
I successfully hobbled myself today. As I was walking into the garage to dump some laundry, I stepped onto a pair of sneakers lurking under a solitary step. I twisted my foot. I then fell into a heap on the cold, concrete floor. That was when the smarting and the coarse language began. After much cursing, I gave my tootsie a rub and I shambered off to work.

At work, my foot throbbed and ached. I started to walk around like a nursing home resident, shuffling with minor lurches and gritted teeth. After about four hours, I went home to recuperate and, yes, I feel like a total wiener. 

As I write this, the foot is feeling better and I don't think I sprained it or anything. There is no swelling and there is no bruising to be seen, but I still feel like a total wiener.

April 12, 2003
There's a disturbing trend occurring at Touchy Feely Fotos: All the cool people are quitting! Theresa "The Sweetheart of the Drag Strip" Keihn left the building for the last time this past Wednesday. Besides being an artisan and a top-notch craftswoman, Theresa has been a good friend and I'm going to miss working with her. Touchy Feely Fotos is not going to be the same without her and that is a loss for everyone.

Theresa is moving on to the land of blue vests and I wish her only the best! Good luck, Theresa, and beware of black teeth!

Arlo, Dr. Narko, and Hottie all miss Theresa!
April 4, 2003
Here's something to nibble on...

Unbalanced Diet

Gimme some Oreo cookies!
Gimme an Eskimo Pie!
Gimme some satisfaction
In a handy, snack size!
'Cause I'm tired of these onions
And I'm getting rid of these lima beans!
Don't care too much for wheatgrass
And one more grapefruit
Will make me scream!
So I'm giving up the battle!
I'm surrendering to the fight!
I'm retreating from the healthy
And rescuing my appetite!

April 1, 2003
Break out the party hats 'cause my little comic strip is celebrating its second birthday on the web! Yes, two years ago, Those Funky Idiots took the big plunge into cyberspace! In honor of this event, I have decided to shake up the status quo a bit. To make the strip more unique and daring in today's marketplace, I have played around with its concept and have turned the Idiots into mermaids! Actually, Amanda has become a mermaid and all the male characters have become mermen (Except for Oscar, of course. He's simply a fish)! I think by doing this I'm opening up a whole new world to explore and swim in! I think the possibilities for these fishy Idiots are endless and I'm really excited to dive in! So I hope everyone will enjoy the new and improved Those Funky Idiots and any feedback (positive or negative) will be appreciated!

Tim Richardson is Sven Juppen  
Our Tim as Sven

Belated birthday wishes to our very own Tim Richardson! Tim turned another year older yesterday and I hope he had a great day!

In Eric Whetsel News...
Our favorite yields and gains manager (I've asked around and nobody seems to know what that means) has shut down nine machines so far in his promising, new career. In honor of this achievement, I have penned the following poem...

Eric has shut down nine machines
 and everybody I know thinks that's keen!

Of course, he'll never be featured on a cover of a magazine,
But we'll always hold him in high esteem!

March 30, 2003
Happy Birthday, Keke!
Today is my niece's birthday! Keeley Laura Cherry is now 6 years-old! Happy Birthday, Keke!

March 28, 2003
Nothing much to report. The last few days are notable for being less than notable. Work on my first minicomic continues to go at a good pace and I'm drawing practically everyday which is bueno. Other than that, the status quo is living up to its name.

It took me a few weeks, but I finally remembered that March is a special month for the Idiots. Eight years ago this month, Those Funky Idiots made its debut on Muncie's public access! The show premiered with the episode entitled, "Sacks, Golf, and Videotape". So happy anniversary to us!

Elsewhere in the world, the war with Iraq sadly continues.

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