Active Blather: September 2002

September 30, 2002
Joyce Fowler
Joyce Fowler (Shushan Richardson) has a good cry.

September is almost over. Geesh, where did the month go? I apologize for the lack of updates and new material in the last thirty days. Hopefully, I'll be more productive in October!

Tim came over last night and showed me the rough cut of  "Single White Vinnie" and it looks great. There's a lot of funny elements in the episode and Tim successfully put everything together. Now he just wants to fine tune it a bit and the final version should be done in a week. Thanks, Tim, for all your hard work!

September 23, 2002
DeBase and Vinnie
DeBase (Michael Richardson) and Vinnie Tuscany (Tim Richardson)

It has been a pretty happenin' weekend for yours truly!

I had to work Saturday and I put in my six hours at the place  I lovingly call "the pit". It went pretty quickly. A bit later that evening, Eric Whetsel (workaday colleague and friend) and I went to the local nightspot known as Doc's to see the band, Walking Catfish. I have been meaning to see the Catfish for some time since I knew their lead singer, Larry Lumsey, from work.
 The band didn't disappoint. They had a great beat and you could dance to it. Well, I didn't personally dance (since I'm a big, ol' wallflower and such), but the Catfish lured many to the dance floor to shake their tail feathers (and I noticed a few lost a feather or two).
This was my first time at Doc's so I went in not knowing what to expect. It had a good atmosphere to it. Nice jazzy decor and the crowd was lively, but not raucous. Speaking of the crowd, I would say half of the folks there were people I knew from work. It could have been mistaken as a company party except everybody seemed to be having fun. 
Anyway, I had a good time and I think Eric did, too.

As for Sunday, we, the cast and crew of Those Funky Idiots, finally finished the episode that wouldn't die! Yes, filming of "Single White Vinnie" was completed Sunday night and it was a lot of fun wrapping things up. We filmed our first night shoot and, fingers crossed, it went well.

Thanks to Tim, Mary, Bill, Shushan, Mike, and Jon for showing up and playing in Grandma's garage! Thanks to Grandma for letting us use the garage once again and I'm sorry we fed Bennie some Doritos (Hopefully, he won't throw up much)! Special thanks to Mr. Jon "House" Sipes for bringing the flashing lights that provided the proper backdrop for Arlo's final stand.

This episode has a lot of funny bits to it and I can't wait to see the finished product. It could be our best episode ever!

September 20, 2002
It has been fifteen days since I last put finger to keyboard. Fifteen whole days. Yeesh! Sorry for the lengthy hiatus, folks! I'll try not to let that type of thing happen again!

So what has been going on? Just work and more work for me. The anniversary of September 11 has past with no incident thankfully. And what else? Gee, I think that's it. Hmmm, maybe there is a reason I haven't updated for awhile.

Hope you enjoyed today's comic strip!

September 5, 2002
Well, September has snuck in and my Labor Day weekend is already a memory. I attended a birthday party on Saturday and on Sunday. My niece, Maddie, turned two on Sunday (September 1) and her party was on Saturday. My Uncle Jerry shares the same birthday with Maddie G. and his party was on Sunday. Both events were well-attended and basically swell. Uncle Jerry got a money tree (A crop I must invest in) and Maddie got enough money to buy a TV and a VCR. Thus both birthdays were bountiful. Happy Birthday!

In Eric Whetsel News...
Eric is successfully killing off the slug population in Dunkirk. Slughunter Whetsel stalks his prey with a pie pan full of cheap beer. So far forty slugs have met their drunken doom. 
Dunkirk's Councilwoman Connie Whetsel could not be reached for comment. 

Finally, happiness is a fresh plate of fried chicken and saying the name "Christy Bumbleslut" (Don't you hate in-jokes? I know I do!).

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