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March 11, 2006
Once again another performance of Midsummer is now just a sweet memory. We crossed the boards with our usual gusto and entertained mightily. I did have a slight mishap when I ran knees first into a bench backstage and I briefly saw stars. Minor, reality TV-type stars, but stars none the less. Fortunately, I was able to shake it off, but I'm afraid my knees will feel it in the morning.

In Eric Whetsel News...
Today is Eric's birthday, but he doesn't want you to know. Opps. 

March 9, 2006
After a few days off, we were back putting on Midsummer to a small, but appreciative audience. It has been a major rain day around these parts which brought some flooding to the Civic's basement dressing room. Despite some unpleasant odor seeping from below, the show went off without a hitch. The lovers really rocked in the second act and us rustics did pretty well, too. Just two more nights and the dream is over.

The Star Press had a positive review for the show in Wednesday's paper though some of the cast didn't see it as too complementarily. I didn't think it was too bad. Not the greatest review, but certainly not the worst.

March 5, 2006
Last night's performance of Midsummer was pretty painful. The audience we performed for consisted of the living dead. It's unfortunate we didn't serve brains during intermission because the Civic could have made a fortune from those zombies. Man, their silence was deafening! Those folks definitely won't be swiping the crown from our killer opening night audience. Very disappointing.

March 3, 2006
Just got back from the big show's opening night and I'm happy to say we really rocked the casaba! Everybody was firing on all cylinders tonight and the audience really ate it up with a spoon! It's so wonderful to get such a positive reaction from a great audience on our first night out. I just hope we'll be able to sustain tonight's momentum throughout the rest of the run. I think we can, but for right now I'm the happiest wall in the world!   

February 26, 2006
Someone at work the other day called me "sort-of a cartoonist". Yup, that's me.

Play rehearsals are about to wind down as we get closer to our opening on Friday (a.k.a. "March 3"). Marty, our director, told us to be louder and faster. Okay.

You probably can't tell it from this here blog thing, but I buy, read, and frequently enjoy comic books. I guess you can say I'm a comic book collector ("Sort of"). I bought two comics from Bob's Comic Castle yesterday. One was Legion of Super-Heroes # 15 and the other was Polly and the Pirates #4. Legion had a couple of nice elements about it and featured characters from the Legion's past incarnations, but generally felt feh. Polly, on the other hand, continues to be a winning mini-series starring a very proper girl coming to terms with pirates from her mother's past. The story and art by Ted Naifeh are inspiring to this "sort-of a cartoonist" and I'm looking forward to the next issue. 

I'm not really known for my critical analysis.

It was sad to hear about the death of Don Knotts. I don't think nobody would dispute that he was a comic genius and that his Barney Fife is one of the greatest TV characters. Mark Evanier and Something Old each have something interesting to say about the comic Don. 

February 17, 2006
Well, what a difference a week makes! Just last week I was unemployed, filling my life with lengthy naps and Law and Order reruns. Now I'm back at Touchy Feely Fotos, learning new things and trying to memorize my lines for a play I just stepped into. Yes, I'm in a new play! I just recently assumed the role of Snout in the Muncie Civic's upcoming production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. It's my first Shakespearian experience and I'm so glad I have such a small part! I do not envy any of the actors (Hello, Judy and Jerry!) who have to memorize pages and pages of the Bard's verse. Elizabethan English is one tricky feat that isn't easy on the tongue!

Despite coming in late, the rehearsals haven't been that bad and I'm learning my lines. My memorization method? Repeat, repeat, and more repeat! If that sounds boring, it is, but it works. The show opens two weeks from tonight so I'll be repeating myself for days to come.

February 10, 2006
My Man Franklin
Well, the last four episodes of Arrested Development aired just minutes ago and I think they successfully wrapped things up. As much as I hope the show finds a second life on another network, perhaps it's time to say good-bye so good-bye, Bananagrabber. Good-bye, Anyoung. Good-bye, Girls with Low Self-Esteem. Good-bye, Hot Cops. Good-bye, Barry Zuckerkorn and Bob Loblaw. Good-bye, Cornballer. Good-bye, Franklin (I think I'll miss you the most!) and good-bye, Bluths. May you all live forever on DVD!

February 10, 2006
Just a couple hours ago, Eric and Brad set some socks on fire in our side yard. I stood by with a bucket of water. Thankfully, nobody was injured...except the socks. 

February 7, 2006
It snowed over the weekend, but not that much. The weather service was predicting a mess, but that never happened.

I didn't watch the Superbowl (No surprise there!), but I did catch some of the Puppy Bowl on the Animal Planet. Some cheesy fun, but that white poodle really annoyed me. I think it attacked every puppy on the show. Stupid poodle! 

During my time of unemployment, I've grown fond of Cash in the Attic (The American version. I haven't seen the BBC original series yet). I guess I like seeing what valuable junk people have stashed away in their homes and then wishing I had some similar bounty in my domain. I think the only thing of worth I have is my comic book collection and I don't see myself selling any of it at the moment. Anyway, I enjoy the auction scenes where they show the same clips of people shaking their heads "No" while the families await to see if they reached their financial goal. The only thing that unnerves me about the show is the very white teeth of Tim the appraiser. I think that man has the whitest teeth in basic cable. Seeing his pearly whites always makes me feel self-conscious about the yellow tic tacs in my mouth. 

In Eric Whetsel News...
While barhopping, Eric recently saw two busty girls make out at his table over the weekend and now he is ruined for life.

February 3, 2006
Well, did you have a good Groundhog's Day? Did it see its shadow or what? I've not heard either way. I'm out of the loop.

I struggled to get some work done on my latest comic book attempt yesterday, but the spirit and the body wasn't willing for some reason. I'm so painfully slow sometimes. It's no wonder I'm not a successful, professional cartoonist. It's sighing time again.

February 1, 2006
I got a call from Touchy Feely Fotos Monday and I'll be returning back to work on February 13. I always get mixed feelings when I get the call back. It's good financially to return back to the fold, but I wish I tried harder to find a better paying job during my time off. I feel like sighing now.

January 31, 2006
Happy National Gorilla Suit Day!

January 30, 2006
Always remember...
Little Dot Hates Squares
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