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 April 21, 2004
For those keeping track, today was a vast improvement over yesterday. The pump got fixed (Thanks again, Donnie!), my burnt out headlight got replaced (Thanks, Dad!), and tonight's rehearsal was great. I did rip up another pair of pants though. I may not be a good actor, but I can't be accused of not giving it my all (or, at least, my pants)! 

Tomorrow is our last rehearsal before opening night. Have you gotten your tickets yet?

April 20, 2004
Well, it's been one of those days. Woke up this morning to find out the water pump isn't working so there's no water in the house. I went to work unshaven and feeling like the great unwashed. For most of the day, that damn pump has been occupying my mind, but calls were made and somebody is going to look at it tomorrow morning (Thanks, Donnie!) so hopefully it can be fixed.

On a positive note, tonight's rehearsal went extremely well. Our director was very happy with the show which made everyone in the cast very happy. I think we finally nailed the "Goodbye Salome" number (Yay!) and everything seemed to flow better. However, I didn't land very well during my stabbing scene (Spoiler! In the show, I get gutted by that dastardly Jamie Lockhart aka The Robber Bridegroom). As I fell backwards,  I slammed into some of the scenery. My arm got slightly wobbly and I scratched my right thumb, but nothing serious. I was able to laugh it off. Though I admit there was some wincing involved as well. 

There's no business like show business.

Oh, and get your tickets now!

April 19, 2004
Just came back from rehearsal where things are shaping up. It's hard to believe we're opening up this Friday. I think I'm ready for the most part. I'm definitely getting a lot of exercise from this little project. Little Harp my be a big lowlife, but the boy sure moves around a bit.

During a scene, a bat flew from the rafters and swooped above the stage. I didn't see it as it buzzed about because I was down in the green room running lines with my big brother, Big Harp (Hello, Chip!). Anyway, according to Muncie Civic lore, if a bat flies into a rehearsal, then the show will be a  success. I guess we'll find out pretty soon if the bat is correct.

Still working with a slightly broken keyboard. I'm starting to feel like Paul Sheldon from Misery as he tried to finish his novel with Annie Wilkes's increasingly deteriorating typewriter (Fortunately, I don't have Annie breathing down my neck with her ax so that's where the similarity ends). In other words, it looks like I'll be buying a new keyboard very soon. 

April 14, 2004
Having trouble with my keyboard. For some reason, my "A", "Q", "Z", and "1" keys don't want to work anymore. Fortunately, FrontPage has a function where you can insert characters so that's what I'm doing as I write this.

The play rehearsals have gotten better since the last one on Monday. We rebounded on Tuesday and tonight's run thru went pretty well. A couple of sections need some work, but I'm definitely feeling pretty positive about everything now. I didn't fall down and skin my knee tonight so that was a plus as well. However, I did cut myself on the handle of the trunk I have to carry around so I'm continuing to bleed for my art. 

April 12, 2004
Just got back from play practice. I was a little off tonight. Missed a couple of my lines and I foolishly skinned my left knee again. Bloodied it this time, too. Maybe I need to wear kneepads.

It's hard to believe we open next Friday. We're still trying to gel everything together and things are still choppy. This being my first Civic experience, I don't know if that's common or not at this stage of the game. Probably is, though there was some backstage grumbling tonight. However, that happens anytime you get a bunch of creative people together. Nature of the beast.

I would write a bit more, but I'm tired. Good night.

April 7, 2004
What a day. I received some frustrating news, work was slightly off-kilter, and I ripped up two pairs of pants (Each now has a hole at the left knee). On the positive side, I didn't do so bad during our first run thru tonight. I remembered most of my lines and lyrics, but my performance during the "Good-bye Salome" number blew sizable chunks. I also sweated a lot during my time on the boards. It's a good thing my character is described as "a filthy pig" because I probably smelled like one tonight. Flop sweat anyone?

Here's something cool that our old friend John Dalton sent to us recently (Did I just refer to myself as "us"?): The cover art for his two films, Among Us and Peter Rottentail!

Among Us

Among Us will be released on April 27

Peter Rottentail

and Peter Rottentail will be released on June 29!  Be sure to check them out, horror aficionados!

April 6, 2004
I just finished watching the first two episodes of Freaks and Geeks and I was quickly reminded how much I really love that show. Wonderful writing that could be real and comical at the same time, great acting from the main cast to the most minor of supporting characters, and a sense of humanity that very few shows ever try to capture. I know, I'm gushing like a teenage girl in puppy love, but Freaks and Geeks is worthy of praise and admiration. I'm so happy I bought it.

The Robber Bridegroom

No rehearsal tonight, but tomorrow is our first run thru. It should be interesting to see everything come together. My lines are locked in my mind and I got most of the lyrics down pat. However, in my experience, no matter how prepared you think you are, things can change once you're up on stage. You can know all your lines and still miss all your cues.

If anybody is interested, the show opens on April 23. We'll be having performances on April 24, April 29, April 30, and May 1. Tickets are now on sell at the Muncie Civic box office. This may be the only chance you may get to see me make a total jackass of myself on stage so get your tickets now! 

April 5, 2004
So were you fooled by my little April Fool's gag? Yeah, I didn't think so.

You got to excuse me, but I'm very happy at the moment. I received my Freaks and Geeks dvd today and it made me smile. I haven't watched any of it yet, but just knowing I have this gem of a show in my possession makes this fat TV nerd sappy.

Yesterday was pretty busy for yours truly. Besides having play practice and finishing up a strip for All Access, I was helping film the newest episode of Those Funky Idiots. It has been a long stretch since we worked on our last episode so it was nice to get back in front of the camera and make a show.

I mentioned previously that filming for this particular episode, "The Petrocoli Incident", began a couple weeks ago under the helm of our guest director, Matt Stoltz. This past Sunday was the second day of shooting for "Petrocoli" and the scene I was in involved me roughing up a druggie. It was pretty fun doing some tough guy shtick.

Arlo roughs up Rolly
Arlo (Tom Cherry) roughs up Rolly (Adam Jones)

The druggie I pushed around was played by Adam Jones, a friend of Tim's who last guest starred as the devil in our "Halloweenies" episode years ago. It was cool to have Adam back in the show and it was especially cool to have the very elusive Eric Whetsel on hand to play a part as well. Eric agreed to his role only if we promised to never show the episode in Utah and Idaho. Fingers crossed, we gladly accepted his terms.

Eric Whetsel and Adam Jones

Anyway, Adam and Eric really did a good job and I think we're starting out of the gate pretty strongly with this episode. Hopefully, the footage will confirm this.

Also thanks to the ever gracious Audrea Quinton for letting us use her place to film! You're a good woman, Audrea!

I'm sure I have more to talk about, but my eyes are getting droopy so I'm calling it a night! Good night, loyal Blatherites, good night!

Photos 2004 Adam Jones
Copyright 2001-2007 Tom Cherry