Modern European Royal Murder Victims

The people on this list were not killed as punishment for a crime or for anything they had done. They were not killed in war. They were murdered, in some cases by crazy or disturbed people, but in most cases by evil thugs who hated them for who they were, because they were royalty. It is this kind of hatred that established the chilling principle that guided so much modern violence: the idea that innocent people could be killed if their deaths were deemed necessary in order to build a utopian society. But the violence that claimed these lives led only to more terror, to the deaths of millions of innocent people whose lives were deemed unnecessary by Jacobins, Communists, Nazis, and other totalitarians. It all began with Regicide. May these victims rest in peace.

King Louis XVI of France, 3821 January1793Paris
Queen Marie Antoinette of France, 3716 October1793Paris
Princess Elisabeth of France, 3010 May 1794Paris
Tsar Paul I of Russia, 4624 March1801Summer Palace
Prince Fernand of France, Duke of Berry, 4214 February 1820Paris
Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, Archduke of Austria, 3419 June 1867Queretaro
Tsar Alexander II of Russia, 6213 March1881St. Petersburg
Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, 6010 September 1898Geneva
King Umberto I of Italy, 5629 July 1900Monza
King Alexander of Serbia, 2629 May1903Belgrade
Queen Draga of Serbia, 35 29 May 1903Belgrade
Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia, 47 17 February 1905 Moscow
King Carlos I of Portugal, 44 1 February 1908Lisbon
Crown Prince Luiz of Portugal, 201 February 1908Lisbon
King George I of Greece, 6718 March 1913Salonika
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary, 50 28 June 1914 Sarajevo
Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, 46 28 June 1914Sarajevo
Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of Russia, 39 12 June 1918 Perm
Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, 50 17 July 1918 Ekaterinburg
Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia, 46 17 July 1918 Ekaterinburg
Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia, 22 17 July 1918 Ekaterinburg
Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia, 21 17 July 1918 Ekaterinburg
Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia, 19 17 July 1918 Ekaterinburg
Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia, 1717 July 1918 Ekaterinburg
Tsarevich Alexis Nikolaevich of Russia, 13 17 July 1918 Ekaterinburg
Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna of Russia, 53 18 July 1918 Alapayevsk
Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich of Russia, 4818 July 1918 Alapayevsk
Prince Ivan Konstantinovich of Russia, 32 18 July 1918Alapayevsk
Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich of Russia, 2718 July 1918 Alapayevsk
Prince Igor Konstantinovich of Russia, 2418 July 1918 Alapayevsk
Prince Vladimir Paley of Russia, 21 18 July 1918Alapayevsk
Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich of Russia, 58 28 January 1919Petrograd
Grand Duke Dmitri Konstantinovich of Russia, 58 28 January 1919 Petrograd
Grand Duke Nicholas Mikhailovich of Russia, 5928 January 1919 Petrograd
Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia, 5528 January 1919 Petrograd
King Alexander I of Yugoslavia, 459 October 1934Marseilles
Princess Maria Karoline of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha, 42*6 June1941Schloss Hartheim
Prince Kirill of Bulgaria, 49 1 February 1945 Sofia
Count Folke Bernadotte of Sweden, 53 17 September 1948Jerusalem
Lord Louis Mountbatten of Great Britain, 7927 August 1979 Co. Sligo, Ireland

Father Demetrios Serfes: The Royal Martyrs of Russia

*mentally handicapped, gassed in the Nazi euthanasia program

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