Responses to Questions on Monarchism from Traditional Catholics

Despite not being Catholic, my sympathy for traditional Catholicism led me to participate (under the username "royalcello") in two traditional Catholic online forums, AngelQueen (rarely) and Fisheaters (frequently, until January 2007, when I deleted my account). While many traditional Catholics are monarchists, others are not, and the topic of monarchism sometimes arises in the form of questions from the "unconverted," some simply curious, others more hostile, as to why some of their coreligionists (or, in my case, fellow travellers) embrace monarchism so passionately. Below are some of my attempts to address their concerns, collected on five pages for easy reference. While the posts reproduced below cover some of the same ground repeatedly and perhaps ought to be consolidated into a single article, for the time being I have preserved the original debate formats. Others' words are in italics; mine are not.

Part I: from Monarchy, Democracy, and Catholic Views (AngelQueen, December 23, 2005 - January 10, 2006)

Part II: from Martin Luther King Junior (FishEaters, January 11-14, 2006)

Part III: from Monarchism and Other Marginal Political Philosophies (FishEaters, January 16, 2006)

Part IV: from Dr. John C. Rao: Founding Fathers vs. Church Fathers: 666-0 (FishEaters, January 24-February 11, 2006)

Part V: from Danish Queen Says Islam Poses Global Threat (FishEaters, February 9-11, 2006)

Part VI: from For Royalcello: Rehabilitating the Romanovs (FishEaters, November 23-28, 2006)