Peter Hitchens
Mail on Sunday

New Labour ripped up the rules, so why can't Charles?
15:15pm 26th February 2006

Prince Charles is right about almost all he says. And he should stop being so diffident about it.

New Labour have destroyed the old balance in our democracy and increasingly rule as a one-party regime. They have broken the rules, and he is entitled to do the same.

He genuinely does speak for a large number of people who are no longer represented at Westminster. And he stands for that part of our constitution which says that all governments end but the country goes on for ever. If he imagines it will make his life any easier if he keeps quiet, he is wrong. He should let his private thoughts be circulated as widely as possible while he still can.

The Blairites (and the Brownites) loathe him and seek to crush him as soon as he comes to the throne. Then, by their usual process of salami-slicing, they will reduce the Monarchy to nothingness. The Queen has made a grave mistake by trying to please them, doing such things as backing the surrender to the IRA in 1998, and making a pro-multicultural broadcast.

How do I know this? A few days ago I was invited to a supposedly private discussion about the Monarchy at a New Labour thinktank. Discussion nothing. It was a more or less treasonous occasion, and I think it my duty to break confidentiality about it.

A Labour MP called Michael Wills, who was once absurdly 'Minister for Patriotism', told us about how Charles couldn't be trusted to act impartially if there were a hung parliament.

He wanted the coronation service revised into some sort of multi-faith panto. He thought Prince William's children should go to state primary schools. He didn't like the Protestant Oath of Accession.

The case for this subversive plan is really that the liberal elite have made such a mess of this country in the past 50 years that they have destroyed the brilliant 1688 constitution which is the basis of our freedom and order. Rather than repair the damage, they seek to drag the Monarchy down as well.

As for sending Royal children to state schools, that's easy. As soon as our state schools are good enough for the children of the poor then they'll also be good enough for the children of the King. Currently they are a global disgrace. The only purpose in forcing Royal children to attend them would be to assist in the pretence that they are in fact good.