Archived Articles by Charles Coulombe

Mr. Charles A. Coulombe of Los Angeles, Western States Delegate of the International Monarchist League, maintained for several years a fascinating website focusing on traditional Catholicism, monarchy, and fantasy. He closed the site in January 2004. With his permission, I then reproduced here several of his articles on monarchy and related subjects. Mr. Coulombe revived and revamped his website in November 2004, though again with his permission I continued to host this archive. The website subsequently disappeared again and Mr. Coulombe's work may now be found at Tumblar House as well as at Taki's Magazine and The American Thinker.

Monarchy FAQ
Coronations in Catholic Theology (Monarchy Canada, Autumn 1993)
The Monarchy in Australia
Australia and the Fourth of July

Quest for the Catholic State

Kingship in the Work of the Inklings (Mythcon XXII, July 26, 1991)
Lord of the Rings: A Catholic View
The Ethics of Escape

"A'Hunting We Will Go"