Opinion Archive July - December 2006

Jorn K. Baltzersen denies that "democracy" is the solution for Nepal. (July 7, 2006)
Jorn K. Baltzersen defends Prince Charles's prerogatives. (July 14, 2006)
Madhukar SJB Rana defends monarchy as a democratic institution for Nepal. (July 20, 2006)
Elena Maria Vidal rescues the real King Louis XVI from his inaccurate negative reputation. (July 25, 2006)
William S. Lind explains his attachment to the House of Hohenzollern. (August 2, 2006)
Andrew Cusack posts Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn's 1986 article on the superiority of monarchy in an Islamic context. (August 4, 2006)
Marian Werner enjoys a royal festival in Moravia. (August 16, 2006)
Chilton Williamson Jr. denies that genuine conservatism can survive apart from monarchy and hierarchy. (August 28, 2006)
Charles A. Coulombe reflects on Europe and the Empire. (added September 9, 2006)
Niall Ferguson defends hereditary succession to a world that sees monarchy as anachronistic. (September 10, 2006)
Taki prefers the common sense of the King of Tonga to neocon "democracy." (September 16, 2006)
Taki remembers the Princess of Wales. (September 25, 2006)
Andrei Zolotov Jr. looks at Russian monarchism. (September 28, 2006) (Zolotov is less sympathetic to restoration than I am, but at least he seems to take monarchism seriously.)
James Parker analyzes the ephemeral legacy of the Princess of Wales. (October 1, 2006)
Andrew Cusack pays tribute to King James II. (October 16, 2006)
Andrew Cusack commemorates Emperor Bl. Karl I. (October 23, 2006)
Andrew Cusack looks forward to the Queen's visit to Virginia. (November 16, 2006)
Tony Abbott reviews the many reasons for preserving the Australian monarchy. (November 29, 2006)
Media Communications Center condemns the hypocrisy of Nepal's anti-royalists. (December 5, 2006)
Randall Everson asks if Americans--or anybody--really need presidents. (December 13, 2006)