Columns Archive January - June 2003

The Daily Telegraph welcomes St. James's Palace's more professional approach to media relations. (January 6, 2003)
Damian Thompson examines the Bishop of London's involvement with the Princess of Wales's estate. (January 11, 2003)
Gary Leupp traces U.S. imperialism to the criminal overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893. (January 16, 2003)
Kenneth Rose reflects on the newly released Edward VIII/Wallis Simpson documents. (January 30, 2003)
The New York Times does the same. (February 2, 2003)
The Sunday Telegraph looks forward to learning more about the Queen Mother. (February 2, 2003)
Philip Terzian describes and explains the annual meeting of the Society of King Charles the Martyr. (February 7, 2003)
Costas Iordanidis criticizes the ineptitude of Greece's anti-royalist government. (February 24, 2003)
The Daily Telegraph welcomes Sir Michael Peat's loyal honesty. (March 14, 2003)
Alice Thomson urges the Prince of Wales to put his palace in order. (March 14, 2003)
Bob Wallace longs for kings to replace businessmen. (March 14, 2003)
Stuart Ferguson observes an exhibit on the underrated Emperor Napoleon III. (April 3, 2003)
Fraser Nelson explains why Iraq needs a monarchy. (April 17, 2003)
Christopher Howse compares Elizabeth II to Elizabeth I. (April 21, 2003)
Karen De Coster hopes that the Principality of Liechtenstein will preserve its monarchical and libertarian traditions. (April 28, 2003)
John Major defends the Prince of Wales from his critics. (May 1, 2003)
Quentin Letts laments the demise of the Wimbledon bow. (May 7, 2003)
David Flint denies that the Hollingworth controversy has discredited Australia's monarchical constitution. (May 27, 2003)
Joseph Sobran defends "medieval ideas" like monarchy. (May 29, 2003)
The Scotsman and Robert Lacey praise Prince William's adjustment to his unique status. (May 30, 2003)
Sarah Bradford reflects on the unchanging dedication of the sovereign crowned 50 years ago. (June 1, 2003)
The New Zealand Herald celebrates the endurance of Queen Elizabeth II. (June 2, 2003)
The Scotsman condemns the self-indulgent gestures of republican MSPs. (June 2, 2003)
Ian Bradley reflects on the spiritual significance of royal coronations. (June 2, 2003)
Gillian Bowditch denounces Scottish republicans' rude and illogical boycott of the Queen's visit. (June 3, 2003)
The Daily Telegraph prays that the sovereign's coronation rites will not be stripped of their meaning. (June 3, 2003)
Lev Navrozov debunks the Western myth of Tsarist "tyranny." (June 6, 2003)
Tom Utley nominates Prince William for Governor-General of Australia. (June 7, 2003)
Ian Bradley stresses the importance of the religious elements of monarchy. (June 7, 2003)
John Collinge explains why he hopes New Zealand keeps its monarchy. (June 12, 2003)
Tom Utley reminds Tony Blair that "modern" does not mean "good." (June 14, 2003)
The Daily Telegraph wonders if the monarchy is Blair's next target. (June 16, 2003)
Kahungunu Barron-Afeaki defends the Kingdom of Tonga and its monarchy. (June 20, 2003)
Kenneth Rose describes the historical background to Queen Elizabeth's meeting with Russian President Putin. (June 22, 2003)
The Daily Telegraph calls for improvements in royal security. (June 23, 2003)
Thomas Fleming defends Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II from British and American wartime propaganda. (June 23, 2003)
Felipe d'Avillez assesses the past, present, and future of monarchism in Portugal. (June 24, 2003)