Columns Archive July - December 2002

Michael Rubin nominates Prince Hassan of Jordan for King of Iraq. (July 19, 2002)
Giles Worsley, Telegraph architecture critic, praises Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell's decision on the Diana memorial fountain. (August 1, 2002)
The Daily Telegraph reflects on an unforgettable jubilee. (August 7, 2002)
The Daily Telegraph criticizes Ken Wharfe's "betrayal" of Princess Diana. (August 19, 2002)
Taki joins in condemning Wharfe. (August 2002)
W.F. Deedes remembers Princess Diana. (August 23, 2002)
David Pryce-Jones advocates the restoration of the Iraqi monarchy. (September 2, 2002)
Roy MacGregor is happy to pay for Canada's monarchy. (September 25, 2002)
Jonathan Dimbleby defends Prince Charles's habit of corresponding with government ministers on political issues. (September 26, 2002)
Colin Brown recalls Prince Charles's opposition to the Channel Tunnel. (September 29, 2002)
Peter Hitchens commends the Prince of Wales for standing up to the New Labour elite. (September 29, 2002)
W. F. Deedes reflects on the royal letter controversy. (September 30, 2002)
Simon Heffer says the Prince of Wales is right to express his views to the government. (October 5, 2002)
HRH the Prince of Wales and others advocate the improvement of history education. (October 7, 2002)
Geoffrey Wheatcroft suggests that attacks on the British monarchy say more about the critics than what they criticize. (October 2002)
Rosie DiManno proposes that Canadians "keep the Queen and dump the politicians." (October 16, 2002)
John Casey recommends monarchy for a post-Saddam Iraq. (October 24, 2002)
The Daily Telegraph dismisses conspiracy theories about the end of the Burrell trial. (November 3, 2002)
Rosa Monckton shares her inside view of the saga of Paul Burrell and the Princess of Wales. (November 3, 2002)
The Daily Telegraph denies the necessity of changing the sovereign's legal status. (November 4, 2002)
Adam Nicolson explains who is really to blame for the Burrell fiasco. (November 5, 2002)
The Daily Telegraph deplores Tony Blair's breaking of royal confidence. (November 5, 2002)
Peter Hitchens argues that it's Tony Blair's Government, not the Monarchy, that is a danger to freedom. (November 10, 2002)
The Daily Telegraph urges Prince Charles and his friends not to isolate the heir to the throne from the rest of the royal family. (November 11, 2002)
The Daily Telegraph endorses the choice of Sir Michael Peat as head of the inquiry into the Prince of Wales's household. (November 13, 2002)
Brian Dunaway prefers monarchy to democracy. (November 13, 2002)
Stamos Zoulas rebukes the Greek government's vindictive attitude toward King Constantine. (December 2, 2002)
HM King Abdullah II of Jordan urges Muslims to rescue their faith from extremists. (December 7, 2002)
Barbara Amiel compares the difficult situations of Princess Michael of Kent and Cherie Blair. (December 9, 2002)
Sean Gabb explains why he, as a libertarian, supports the British monarchy. (December 9, 2002)
Taki reflects on the Windsors' recent scandals. (December 16, 2002)
The Daily Telegraph criticizes Buckingham Palace's rush to appease the critics of Prince Michael of Kent. (December 16, 2002)
The Daily Telegraph praises Britain's very Christian monarch. (December 26, 2002)