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March 31, 2008. Actress Helen Mirren, known for portraying royalty, is not without her own aristocratic roots.
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March 30, 2008. In light of Britain's economic difficulties, the Queen canceled a planned lavish belated diamond wedding anniversary celebration.
Mail on Sunday article

March 27, 2008. Gordon Brown's government may attempt to repeal the Act of Settlement which bars Roman Catholics from the British throne.
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March 24, 2008. Voters in Bhutan are more attached to their king than to political parties.
International Herald Tribune article

March 13, 2008. Prince Albert denied that he is about to get married.
Hello! article
French media reported that Prince Albert II of Monaco will marry girlfriend Charlene Wittstock in September.
Telegraph article

March 11, 2008. Mixed reactions greeted a government-commissioned report urging that British teenagers pledge allegiance to the Queen.
BBC News article

March 3, 2008. Prince Harry will train soldiers in techniques he learned in Afghanistan.
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March 2, 2008. Prince Harry, praising his comrades, denied that he is a "hero."
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Leftists accused Spain's King Juan Carlos of interfering with regard to controversial anti-hunting legislation.
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March 1, 2008. Hereditary Prince of Alois of Liechtenstein stands firm in defending his country's interests against German pressure.
Reuters article
The British media's agreement not to report Prince Harry's deployment was a rare example of journalistic restraint.
New York Times article
An "enormously proud" Prince Charles, with Prince William, welcomed his younger son home.
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Prince Harry returned from Afghanistan.
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