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September 30, 2007. At 77, Lord Snowdon, the Queen's former brother-in-law and favorite photographer, retains his passion for photography.
Telegraph interview

September 28, 2007. Russian scientists may have identified the missing remains of two of Tsar Nicholas II's children.
BBC News article

September 27, 2007. A new Egyptian television series presents a relatively sympathetic view of King Farouk.
Al-Ahram Weekly article

September 26, 2007. Opposition politicians in Bulgaria accused former King Simeon II of having spied for the KGB.
Telegraph article

September 24, 2007. Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, head of the Russian Imperial House, expressed her commitment to her heritage on a visit to Australia.
The Age article

September 23, 2007. Princess Beatrice, 19, is becoming an increasingly prominent personality, though not in the traditional royal manner.
Telegraph article

September 22, 2007. Unlike current Prime Minister John Howard, Australian Labour leader Kevin Rudd is expected to push for the abolition of the monarchy if victorious in upcoming elections.
Telegraph article

September 21, 2007. In a first for the Royal Family, Princess Beatrice will have a minor part in the upcoming movie about her great-great-great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria.
Daily Mail article
At Highgrove, Prince Charles realizes his organic principles.
Philadelphia Inquirer article
Romanian politicians deny that Dominic von Habsburg can sell historic Bran Castle.
Telegraph article

September 18, 2007. Nepal's Prime Minister rejected Maoist demands to declare a republic before elections.
Bloomberg article

September 16, 2007. Belgium's continuing political crisis is considered a real test for King Albert II.
AFP article

September 15, 2007. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams affirmed the monarch's role as Defender of the [Anglican] Faith.
BBC News article

September 14, 2007. Royalists in Nepal formed a new political alliance in defense of the beleaguered monarchy.
Asia News article
Ninety years after the abolition of the monarchy, many Russians hope to see its restoration in the future.
Interfax Religion article

September 12, 2007. The Prince of Wales deplored young people's lack of knowledge of rural life.
Telegraph article

September 10, 2007. Prince Charles Philippe d'Orléans, 34, announced his engagement to Portuguese aristocrat Diana Alvares Pereira de Melo, 29.
Hello! article

September 9, 2007. The Prince of Wales and Prime Minister Gordon Brown have met for talks intended to forge a positive working relationship.
Telegraph article
Upcoming film The Young Victoria will challenge the common perception of Britain's longest-reigning monarch as a perpetually somber elderly widow.
Telegraph article

September 7, 2007. Hindu leader Yogi Adityanath is adamant that Nepal needs the monarchy.
Nepali Times interview
Prince Harry was reportedly in trouble with girlfriend Chelsy Davy after apparently keeping her waiting at the airport.
Telegraph article

September 6, 2007. Crown Prince Paras of Nepal was hospitalized after a mild heart attack.
BBC News article
A cheerful Prince Hisahito of Japan celebrated his first birthday.
Hello! article

September 5, 2007. The daughter of Nepal's Prime Minister came out in favor of the monarchy.
Telegraph Nepal article
Whatever his future reign brings, Prince Charles has secured a reputation as a prescient environmentalist.
Washington Post article
The Raja of Perak reflected on the role and history of monarchy.
New Straits Times article
A Saudi prince hopes to reform the kingdom's power structure.
Guardian article
Walter Francis John Montagu Douglas Scott, Duke of Buccleuch (1923-2007) (nephew of the late Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester)
Telegraph obituary

September 4, 2007. Celebrations of the upcoming nuptials of Duchess Maria Anna of Bavaria commenced at Munich's Nymphenburg Palace.
Hello! article

September 3, 2007. Assorted European royalty gathered in the Netherlands for a belated celebration of Crown Prince Willem's 40th birthday.
Hello! article
Many young women of Swaziland are preparing for the controversial "reed dance" in which King Mswati III may choose a fourteenth wife.
Telegraph article

September 1, 2007. In the service marking the tenth anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, her son Prince Harry paid tribute to the "best mother in the world."
New York Times article
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