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March 30, 2007. Bulgarians still follow the lives of their royal family.
Novinite article
The Swiss vandal of King Bhumibol Adulyadej's portrait was sentenced to ten years in prison in Thailand.
Telegraph article
Bankrupted by his complicated personal life, Prince Ferfried von Hohenzollern (who is not a descendant of Kaiser Wilhelm II) fled to France.
Telegraph article

March 28, 2007. A representative of the Moscow Patriarchate suggested that Russia may yet restore its Orthodox monarchy.
Interfax article

March 24, 2007. In the absence of her parents and siblings, Sweden's Princess Madeleine will have a rare opportunity to act as Regent next week.
The Local article

March 21, 2007. Buckingham Palace confirmed that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip will attend the Kentucky Derby during their May visit to the United States.
Louisville Courier-Journal article
Prince Charles Napoleon, head of the Bonaparte family, aspires to a democratic rather than imperial office.
Telegraph article

March 16, 2007. Some Nepalis, perhaps including the prime minister, believe that only a double renunciation in favor of four-year-old Prince Hridayendra can save the monarchy.
Nepali Times article

March 15, 2007. Nepal's government is forcing King Gyanendra to halve the size of his staff.
BBC News article

March 14, 2007. The prime minister's reversal of opinion does not bode well for Nepal's monarchy.
Guardian article

March 12, 2007. A Swiss man admitted having defaced pictures of King Bhumbibol Adulyadej, a serious offense in Thailand.
BBC News article
Telegraph article
The Prime Minister of Nepal now advocates King Gyanendra's abdication.
Reuters article
Prince Charles launched a pre-emptive rebuttal of Channel 4's questioning of his fitness to be king.
Telegraph articles
BBC News article
The lives of, and access to, Japan's Imperial Family are carefully controlled by the Imperial Household Agency.
BBC News article

March 11, 2007. A new biography refutes media distortions to present a favorable portrait of the Prince of Wales.
Malta Independent article
The unpopularity of Crown Prince Paras is a further liability for Nepal's already embattled monarchy.
Los Angeles Times article

March 8, 2007. Archduke Otto of Austria & Hungary reflected on the EU's fiftieth anniversary.
World Security Network interview

March 7, 2007. A student hopes that DNA tests will provide clues to the mysterious fate of King Edward V and his younger brother.
Telegraph article

March 6, 2007. Japan's Empress Michiko is sick with stress.
BBC News article
The Duchess of Cornwall is recovering well from her hysterectomy.
Telegraph article

March 5, 2007. Some Serbian Americans are unhappy with plans to rebury King Peter II in Serbia.
New York Times article
Historian David Starkey believes he has identified the only authentic contemporary portrait of Lady Jane Grey, England's "Nine Day Queen."
Telegraph article

March 4, 2007. Clarence House is planning a "robust" response to Channel 4's criticisms of the Prince of Wales's political "meddling."
Telegraph article

March 3, 2007. The remains of King Peter II of Yugoslavia (1923-1970), the only king buried in American soil, are to be transferred to his homeland of Serbia.
NWI article

March 1, 2007. Italy is preparing to witness a court battle between cousins Prince Victor Emanuel and Prince Amadeo over the headship of the House of Savoy.
Telegraph article

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