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January 31, 2007. The Prince of Wales plans to build an environmentally-friendly home, possibly intended for his elder son.
Telegraph article

January 29, 2007. Britain's visiting royal couple were warmly welcomed in New York City as well.
New York Times article
Singer Rod Stewart and ordinary Philadelphians alike were entranced with the Duchess of Cornwall.
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Philadelphia Inquirer article

January 28, 2007. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall moved on to New York City.
BBC News article
Philadelphians warmed easily to their royal guests.
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January 27, 2007. Once a hotbed of revolution, Philadelphia welcomes George III's descendant this weekend.
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Romania's former king remains vaguely hopeful that the monarchy might be restored someday.
New York Times profile

January 26, 2007. Thais cannot imagine a future without their beloved King Bhumibol.
Asia Sentinel article
Prince Charles and his wife arrived in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia Inquirer articles: 1, 2

January 24, 2007. The Greek government threatened legal action against buyers of royal treasures.
BBC News article
Nepal's King Gyanendra made his first public appearance since being stripped of executive power.
India eNews article
King Abullah II outlined his hopes and ideas for Jordan and the Middle East.
Asharq Al-Awsat interview

January 23, 2007. French royalists marched on Sunday to commemorate the 214th anniversary of the death of King Louis XVI.
Action Franšaise video

January 22, 2007. The Greek Culture Minister objected to the auction of items formerly belonging to the Greek royal family.
BBC News article

January 21, 2007. Philadelphia is ready to welcome the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall.
Philadelphia Inquirer article

January 20, 2007. Sensitive to environmental concerns, the Prince of Wales cancelled his annual skiing trip to Switzerland.
Telegraph article

January 19, 2007. Actress Helen Mirren suggested that her Golden Globe award for The Queen rightfully belonged to the real Queen.
Daily Mail article

January 17, 2007. The American republic's long history of promoting overseas "Regime Change" began with the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy on this date in 1893.
American Heritage article

January 11, 2007. Belgian prosecutors demanded a three-year jail term for a former aide to Prince Laurent accused of embezzlement.
BBC News article

January 10, 2007. Three royalist parties merged in order to strengthen their efforts to preserve Nepal's monarchy.
Hindustan Times article
Dominic von Habsburg confirmed that he hopes to sell Bran Castle.
BBC News article

January 9, 2007. A scandal involving the funding of renovations to Prince Laurent's villa suggests to some the possibility of a wider debate on the Belgian monarchy.
CNN article
The results of a recent poll are not encouraging for Nepal's monarchy.
Gallup News Service article
Romanian officials are divided over the sale of Bran ("Dracula's") Castle by Dominic von Habsburg.
Telegraph article
Princes William and Harry called for an "open, fair, and transparent" inquest into the death of their mother.
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January 8, 2007. Prince William is beginning life as an army officer.
BBC News article

January 7, 2007. The Duchess of Franco confirmed that her grandson the Duke of Anjou and his wife are expecting a baby girl.
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Hola! article (in Spanish)
Lawyers for Prince William's girlfriend plan to protect her from the paparazzi.
Telegraph article

January 6, 2007. Kate Middleton and other young women associated with the British royal family compromise a new generation of popular modern celebrities.
Scotsman article
Telegraph article
Times article

January 5, 2007. The Duchess of York admitted that seeing the movie The Queen left her feeling guilty about her past behavior.
Hello! article

January 4, 2007. Prince Charles will be presented with Harvard Medical School's Global Environmental Citizen award in New York during a visit to the United States later this month.
Hello! article
In light of the birth last year of Prince Hisahito, the Japanese government has dropped plans to allow female succession.
China Post article

January 3, 2007. King Gyanendra is reportedly conducting secret meetings with royalists to preserve Nepal's monarchy.
Hindustan Times article

January 1, 2007. King Harald V addressed the Norwegian nation in his annual New Year's message.
Norway Post article

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