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October 31, 2006. Lord Nicholas Windsor will become the first member of the British royal family to marry at the Vatican on Saturday.
Independent Catholic News article
The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall began their first official visit to Pakistan.
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October 27, 2006. A back injury forced Queen Elizabeth II to cancel two engagements.
Telegraph article
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October 24, 2006. Georgia's former Foreign Minister called for a restoration of the monarchy.
ITAR-TASS article

October 22, 2006. A Christian group advocated that the British monarch remain "Defender of the [Christian] Faith."
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October 20, 2006. King Juan Carlos of Spain denied shooting a drunken bear in Russia.
Charlotte Observer article

October 16, 2006. Princess Michael of Kent controversially expressed her pride in her children's academic achievements.
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October 15, 2006. As Sofia Coppola's film revives interest in Marie Antoinette, many are realizing that the martyred French queen has been treated unfairly by history.
Sunday Times feature

October 7, 2006. Queen Elizabeth II honored Ulster soldiers for their sacrifices in the line of duty.
Telegraph article

October 5, 2006. After four centuries, the island of Sark voted to end its traditional feudal system of government.
Times article

October 4, 2006. Japanese parliamentary traditionalists hope to maintain male-only succession.
Japan Times article

October 2, 2006. King Gyanendra of Nepal made his first public statement since relinquishing political power.
BBC News article
Prince Louis of Luxembourg married Tessy Anthony Hansen in a low-key ceremony.
Hello! article
Monarchism is growing in Russia.
RFERL article

October 1, 2006. Critics of the Jordanian monarchy warn that, like the last Shah of Iran, King Abdullah II is seen as too pro-American.
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