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July 28, 2006. The first tomb to be discovered in the Valley of the Kings since King Tut's is raising new questions for archaeologists about ancient Egypt's burial practices.
Smithsonian article

July 27, 2006. An ex-policeman claimed to be the rightful British monarch in 1930s, threatening to depose and behead King George V.
Scotsman article

July 26, 2006. A Scottish shopkeeper was rather surprised to find himself chauffering his sovereign.
Hello! article

July 25, 2006. The sister of the Sultan of Pahang in Malaysia was murdered, apparently by her son.
BBC News article
Telegraph article

July 20, 2006. Germany may be a republic, but Germans are still fascinated by royalty.
Deutsche Welle article
Polish monarchists are divided as to what monarchism ought to mean in the 21st century.
Polskie Radio article

July 19, 2006. Complications in her pregnancy having developed, Japanese Princess Kiko's eagerly awaited baby will be delivered by caesarean section.
Hello! article
Princess Michael of Kent denied rumors of marriage problems.
Telegraph article

July 17, 2006. The Sultan of Brunei marked his 60th birthday with an announcement of a pay increase for civil servants.
Telegraph article

July 16, 2006. The Prince of Wales expressed his concern six months ago about helicopter shortages endangering British soldiers in Afghanistan.
Telegraph article

July 15, 2006. The Sultan of Brunei is celebrating his 60th birthday.
BBC News article
Bumpy Kanahele is one of many defiant Hawaiians reject their kingdom's annexation by the United States.
Telegraph article
The publication of a photo of the dying Princess Diana was condemned by her sons as a new low.
Telegraph article

July 14, 2006. Princes William and Harry expressed their sadness at an Italian magazine's publication of a photo of their mother taken as she was dying in 1997.
BBC News article
An elite Italian club expelled disgraced Prince Vittorio Emanuele from its membership.
Times article

July 12, 2006. The princely family of Liechtenstein (which was not "created" by Napoleon) led celebrations of the bicentennial of the principality's independence.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer article

July 8, 2006. Prince Charles paid tribute to his late grandmother the Queen Mother as he opened a garden dedicated to her memory.
Telegraph article

July 7, 2006. A San Mateo County judge raised bail to $3 million for the teenager accused of causing the accident that killed two members of the Tongan royal family.
San Francisco Chronicle article and pictures
Prince Tu'ipelehake and Princess Kaimana of Tonga were killed when a teenager crashed into their vehicle in Menlo Park, California.
BBC News article

July 3, 2006. Cousins Crown Prince Vittoro Emanuele of Italy and former King Simeon II of Bulgaria answered questions concerning their alleged involvement in corruption.
GP Media Monitor article
European royals gathered in Luxembourg to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.
Hello! article

July 2, 2006. King Simeon's alleged connection to the Savoy scandal has not affected his standing among European royalty.
Novinite article

July 1, 2006. The Prince Of Wales laid a wreath in a service of remembrance for those who died in the Battle of the Somme, which began 90 years ago.
BBC News article

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