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August 27, 2001. Norway's new royal couple left for their honeymoon.
The wedding celebrations were unabashedly emotional, with much attention paid to Mette-Marit's four-year-old son.

August 26, 2001. Saturday's wedding, most of which I was fortunate enough to see on Finnish television, was a great success, with newlyweds Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway enthusiastically acclaimed by the crowds.
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August 25, 2001. Norwegians have warmed towards their future queen after her televised confession regretting her wild past.
BBC News article
Today's marriage will be significantly different from royal weddings of the past.
Britain's Prince Charles will attend only the ceremony, missing out on extensive celebrations.
Guests seem to have been enjoying themselves.
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August 24, 2001. Guests have arrived in Oslo for the royal wedding.

August 23, 2001. Norway is busy preparing for the wedding of Crown Prince Haakon and Mette-Marit Tjessem Hoiby.
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August 18, 2001. A British national magazine has reported that the Queen has come to accept the eventual marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.
Public reaction to the possibility of such a marriage is mixed.

August 12, 2001. The wasteful spending habits of Brunei's Prince Jefri have embarrassed his country.

August 11, 2001. King Mswati III of Swaziland has no intention of giving up his power.
An auction of the property of spendthrift Prince Jefri of Brunei is expected to raise large sums of money.

August 2, 2001. The Italian government is preparing to allow the exiled male members of the royal House of Savoy to return to their homeland.

July. Very little of interest to royalists happened in July.

June 28, 2001. The construction of a cathedral on the site where the Romanovs were murdered in 1918 is a demonstration of Russians' newfound interest in the Imperial family.
New statistics show that the Royal Household, which costs much less than many other government expenses, has greatly reduced expenditures, saving the British taxpayers millions of pounds.
BBC News article
Charles and Camilla's first public kiss could not have escaped comment and analysis.

June 27, 2001. Swazi exiles criticized King Mswati III's recent authoritarian actions.
HRH the Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles kissed in public for the first time.
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June 26, 2001. Prince Ernst August of Hanover has been ordered to pay a fine for yelling at a newspaper editor over the phone.

June 25, 2001. Swaziland's King Mswati III has declared an unexplained state of emergency.
A British historian has concluded that Emperor Napoleon I was almost certainly poisoned.

June 24, 2001. Prince Harry of Wales announced plans for his gap year.

June 23, 2001. Britain's High Court rejected The Guardian's challenge to the Treason Felony Act, which makes it illegal to advocate deposing the Queen.
Guardian article (Read their temper tantrum here.)
Most Canadians are uninterested in calls for a republic.
Queen Elizabeth II hopes to meet as many of her subjects as possible during her Golden Jubilee tour.
Victorious former King Simeon II's chief concern is the well-being of the Bulgarian people.

June 22, 2001. HIM Empress Farah of Iran spoke publicly of her grief for her late daughter Princess Leila.
British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced plans for the Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2002.

June 19, 2001. King Simeon, whose party earned just one seat short of an absolute majority in the Bulgarian legislature, pondered his political options.
Guardian article

June 18, 2001. King Simeon's party won a plurality in the Bulgarian elections.
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Other Balkan royals have also hoped to regain political influence.

June 17, 2001. With exit polls indicating a victory, Simeon II of Bulgaria is set to become the most influential former monarch in the world.
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New York Times article

June 16, 2001. King Simeon II's movement is expected to win Bulgaria's elections tomorrow.
King Simeon's success may pave the way for other Balkan royals.
Rain failed to spoil Queen Elizabeth II's traditional Trooping the Colour ceremony.
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Princess Leila Pahlavi was buried in Paris.

June 15, 2001. Nepal's official investigation concluded that the royal murders were indeed committed by Crown Prince Dipendra, who was under the influence of Scotch and hashish.
King Gyanendra has been praised for his handling of the investigation, which may help him win his people's loyalty.

June 14, 2001. The panel investigating the Nepal shootings requested the presence of Dipendra's girlfriend Devyani Rana, who fled the country after the massacre.
Modern technology has allowed the world of Imperial Russia to be recreated in color.
New York Times article

June 13, 2001. HM the Queen welcomed the President of South Africa to Britain.

June 12, 2001. HIH Princess Leila Pahlavi, daughter of the last Shah of Iran, was found dead in a London hotel room.
A Nepali priest took his late King's spirit into exile, in accordance with Hindu tradition.

June 11, 2001. Prince Jean of Orleans and Duchess Tatiana of Oldenburg called off their engagement, apparently due to religious differences.
On the occasion of his 80th birthday yesterday, the Queen publicly expressed her gratitude to her husband the Duke of Edinburgh.

June 10, 2001. Nepal palace officials are trying to control media coverage of the June 1 massacre.
New York Times article
New revelations suggest that the Crown Prince Dipendra's judgement was clouded by cocaine, not just alcohol, when he murdered his family.
For many Asians, monarchy still has a more personal and mystical importance than it does for Europeans.
New York Times article
The political movement started by former King Simeon II is expected to win Bulgaria's June 17 elections, but unfortunately this does not necessarily mean a restoration of the monarchy.
HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, celebrated his 80th birthday.
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June 8, 2001. Eyewitness Rajiv Raj Shahi's description of the shootings may establish the late King Dipendra's guilt in the eyes of some Nepalese, but not all of them.
New York Times article
European royals gathered for the christening of Prince Achileas-Andreas of Greece.

June 7, 2001. Surviving members of Nepal's royal family confirmed then-Crown Prince Dipendra's responsibility for the shootings, although questions remain.
Nepal News articles
New York Times article
However, many people are still unwilling to accept that the popular Crown Prince could have killed his family.

June 6, 2001. The first publicized eyewitness account of the shootings described how Crown Prince Dipendra shot his family.
Curfews and instability continue in Nepal.
New York Times article

June 5, 2001. Facing riots, the government of Nepal imposed a curfew.
New York Times article
Nepalese are rioting over the royal massacre and the mystery surrounding it.
New York Times article
Monarchies are still of central importance to many Asian nations.
New York Times article
King Gyanendra promised a full investigation of the killings.
The poor reputation of the new king's son does not help the situation.

June 4, 2001. Nepal's titular King Dipendra died after two days in a coma; his uncle Prince Gyandendra was named the new king.
New York Times article
CNN article
The government's insistence on terming the royal shootings an "accident" generated anger and confusion in Nepal.
Nepal's new royal leader has his work cut out for him.
Dipendra's fiancee Devyani Rana, whom the royal family's dispute apparently concerned, is said to have fled to India.
BBC News article

June 3, 2001. Crown Prince Dipendra, who is in a coma, has been proclaimed the new King of Nepal, with his uncle Prince Gyanendra as regent.
New York Times article
New York Times obituary of King Birendra

June 2, 2001. The world's leaders reacted with shock and sympathy to the Nepal killings.
CNN article
Crown Prince Dipendra of Nepal opened fire in the palace, killing his father King Birendra, his mother the Queen, and other members of the royal family, before shooting himself.
New York Times article

June 1, 2001. Bulgaria's former King Simeon II is attracting widespread support for his political movement.

May 27, 2001. HRH Crown Prince Vittorio Emanuele, exiled since 1946, expects to be allowed to return home soon.
HRH the Duke of Edinburgh has denied reports that he does not consider his son Prince Charles fit to be king.

May 26, 2001. The impending marriage of Crown Prince Haakon Magnus and single mother Mette-Marit Tjessem Hoiby has provoked more scrutiny than usual of the Norwegian monarchy.

May 23, 2001. The love lives of Europe's crown princes continue to create controversy.
Washington Post article

May 19, 2001. Canada's Foreign Minister advocated the abolition of his country's ties to the British crown.
King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden is facing allegations that he visited an Atlanta strip club in 1996.
Crown Prince Naruhito has arrived in the United Kingdom for an official visit.
BBC News article
In a deal with the Russian government, the Rothschild family released previously unknown letters written by Tsar Alexander II to his mistress.

May 18, 2001. Holland's Prince and Princess Constantijn, who married yesterday in a civil ceremony and will have a religious ceremony tomorrow, announced that they plan to move to London.

May 16, 2001. The Japanese people rejoiced at the confirmation of their Crown Princess's pregancy.

May 15, 2001. Japan's Imperial Palace officially announced that Crown Princess Masako is expecting a child.

May 9, 2001. The Japanese parliament is considering changing the law to allow women to succeed to the throne.
BBC News article

May 3, 2001. Rumors are growing in Spain that Crown Prince Felipe will marry his Norwegian girlfriend, prompting criticism since she is a commoner.
CNN article
Bulgaria's National Movement for Simeon II, finally allowed to participate in elections, is expected to have a good chance of winning.
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