US Churches to Visit

Churches I Want to Visit

This is a list of churches in the United States at which I have never attended a service but would like to.

Anglican (Episcopal)

Cathedral of All Saints (Albany, NY)
Christ Church (Greenwich, CT)
Grace Cathedral (San Francisco, CA)
Grace Church* (Newark, NJ)
Grace and St Peter's (Baltimore, MD)
St. John's (Detroit, MI)
St. John's (Savannah, GA)

Roman Catholic

Assumption Grotto (Detroit, MI) (blog)
Cathedral of the Madeleine (Salt Lake City, UT) (Choir School)
St. Alphonsus (Baltimore, MD)
St. Joseph (Detroit, MI)
St. Mary's (Norwalk, CT)
St. Patrick's (New Orleans, LA)
St. Paul's* (Cambridge, MA) (Choir School) (PBS)

*(have been there but not for a service)

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