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Given its name, the popular American conservative forum Free Republic is not a place one would expect to find monarchists. However, there are a few, and they have made interesting contributions to the threads below. (Warning: since most American conservatives are of course not monarchists, these discussions include hostile comments. On some threads you may have to keep reading for awhile to find good royalist posts, but trust me, they're there!) I joined in February 2003 as Royalcello. Other FR monarchists include B-Chan (1998), John Locke (1998), Goetz von Berlichingen (1999), Pascendi (2002), Guelph4ever (2003), Kjvail (2003), and Blessed Charlemagne (2004); look for our posts below.

Catholics to Snub Cromwell Festivities (4/24/99)
The Minute Men (10/14/99)

Monarchists Wanted (9/28/00)
Calling All Monarchists: CROSS & CROWN: THE CHRISTIAN MONARCHY FORUM (10/13/00)

The King and I (Bulgarian Monarchy!) (6/19/01)

Requiem for His Most Christian Majesty, Louis XVI, King of France (1/17/02)
Princess Margaret Dies (2/09/02)
Pray for England's Queen Mother (2/13/02)
The Tragedy of Democracy (2/21/02)
Britain's Queen Mother Dies At Age 101 (3/30/02)
The Prince is Right (10/04/02)

Blessed Charlemagne (1/29/03)
Love-struck Prince William eyes move to US (5/05/03)
How the Student Prince Found Freedom (5/30/03)
Call for Queen to lose title as head of Church (6/15/03)
Ontario Court Upholds Act Barring Catholics From (British) Throne (7/02/03)
Church on the Blood Consecrated (7/17/03)
French royal claimant cannot call himself Bourbon, court rules (10/02/03)
Requiem Mass for the Pontifical Soldiers who Died in the Defense of Rome (10/09/03)
The Rolls-Royce of Masses (10/22/03)
Serbia's would-be king calls for restoration of monarchy (12/01/03)
Vatican set to beatify emperor (12/21/03)

Historians Question the Beatification of Blessed Charles (1/19/04)
Spain's crown prince in snit at MIA (4/10/04)
Catholicism and Monarchy (6/12/04)
À bas la Révolution! (7/14/04)
Karl von Habsburg, Emperor and King (8/3/04)
Austrian government official to attend Hapsburg beatification (9/13/04)
Karl I Beatification Causes Uproar (9/28/04)
Austria's last emperor nears sainthood (10/4/04)
Why Hate Monarchs? (10/21/04)
The Habsburg Achievement: Lessons for the World (10/21/04)
The Monarchy, the Conservatives, the Future, and Canada (11/23/04)
Cardinal Ratzinger Discovers America (12/12/04)

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi: Stakes are high in mission to bring democracy to Iran (1/22/05)
Why I returned to the Latin Mass: a personal account (1/07/05)
Another Diocesan Priest Rejects Novus Ordo (1/25/05)
Charles and Camilla set wedding date (2/10/05)
A resurgent right (2/10/05)
If Only King Henry VIII Could Have Waited for Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor and Cardinal O'Brien (2/17/05)
Pope Labels Democracy "Godless" (2/23/05)
Letter from Fr. Brian Harrison (4/15/05)

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