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Photo Impact 6 Tutorial by S.uspicious

Create a new image, 400x400 with a white background (the size and background color are for tutorial purposes and can be changed to suit your needs). Use the Line/Arrow tool and draw a line from corner to corner.


Right click on the line and select Edit Path or (Shift + E) to edit the path. Convert to Curve and move the nodes until you get the shape you desire.


Right click and select Edit Attributes.

COLOR: Any You Desire
MODE: 3D Round
WIDTH: 9 (As Shown)
STYLE: Straight Line
BORDER: 9 (can be changed to any width)

With Photo Impact 6 you have a lot of options. You can apply different materials and shadows and you can always change the shape of the wire with Edit Path.

<<Example shown with a copper material applied to give it a metallic sheen.