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Earth's most boundless and complex medium, just above us, waiting for us to open our eyes, to stretch our wings- and fly...This page is for the lucky 0.0001% of the planet who have experienced the freedom of flight and felt that XC feeling. It is also to help addicts pass those long hours on the ground! :-}

Me: 24 years old, fly paragliders. Live in Southern California. I first learned to fly in my homeland of Zimbabwe, and have since flown in France, Brazil, Mexico and now the U.S. I fly most at Marshall-Crestline, California with the Crestline Soaring Society, as well as Lake Elsinore, Kagel [Sylmar], Torrey Pines. My gratitude goes to my lovely and gifted girlfriend, for her patience, enthusiasm and support for my flying. Included will be topics and resources of interest to the paragliding community- links, competitions, products and tips sourced from many hours wasted on the net- so you don't have to!

What Is Paragliding?

Apco Simba Photos, January 2001

Millenium Cup, Mexico 2000

France, Summer 1999

Apco Simba Review

XC Report, Marshall to Azusa

Why Fly? Sublime answer from

The Zimbabwe Sky-bobos

XC Files-Zimbabwe Page

2 days in the Owen's Valley, October 2000 [heavy page!]

Summer 2000- Millenium Report

Matt's XC Tips- Things I wish someone had told me...

XC Files and monthly articles on the New

A fun day in the desert- 112 km's from Marshall, the story

Useful Paragliding Links

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