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Volunteer Fire Department

We are an all volunteer Advanced Life Support Fire and Rescue Department, committed to assisting the people of our community in time of need. Our territory covers north eastern LaGrange and north western Steuben Counties in Indiana. We respond to fire calls, automobile crashes, medical calls, and various calls for help due to other events. In our area we have several lakes, a major interstate highway and a large wild land and farming area. We serve several small communities, as well as very rural areas. Because of this rural setting we maintain an Advanced Life Support status that enables us to provide advanced care, such as initiating IV therapy and interpret EKG's for heart patients. We feel that this allows us to provide better care for our patients until they can be transported to a local medical facility. Because of this status we must have an Advanced EMT available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We work closely with other departments in our area to provide care for the ill and injured and protect life and property in the event of fire, flood, or any other disaster. First and foremost we are fire fighters dedicated to preserving life and property. Our combined membership consists of highly skilled firefighters, a Paramedic, Advanced EMTs, Basic EMTs, and First Responders 

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