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The Cursed Living Doll

So... you have decided to succumb yourself to yours truly's hypnotising-story telling, have you? Good for you. Just let me remind you that THE CURSED LIVING DOLL is no ordinary fairytale. Well, to me it isn't. Because if you have read any other stories by yours truly, you would have known that the hero and heroines of my stories would definitely have to go through lots of hardships before they can live happily ever after, won't you? But doesn't that make the ending all the more sweeter? Doesn't it? Doesn't it? Besides, it is a good character builder, so there's nothing to lose! Well, I really shouldn't drag you from the reading anymore, heaven knows how anticipated you are about the story (yeah, heaven knows but I don't, so won't you tell me by emailing to that address down there and coming here more often? Endless gratitude to you!). Happy indulgement......


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The Virtual Diary with Zell.... A new entry. It is the most up to date creation I have ever attempted, cos I try to update it every few days or so. But I suppose that when you read it, the news would have been a year old.
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Chapter 1 - Once upon a time
Chapter 2 - Why does Mama object to my Prince? Why?!!
Chapter 3 - Mirror Mirror on the Wall......
Chapter 4 - Under Construction (Coming Soon)

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