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The love a mother has for her child is far beyond

any beings imagination.It is something that is

far beyond explanation.No one can ever imagine

the pain that one encounters when a child is taken

from them without warning and for no cause.


This is a story of just that.A true story of the

pain that one mother encountered when her

daughter was taken from her through the

system we call our justice system.A system that

I truely lost confidence in when I heard what had

happened.As I got more involved in the matter

there is no logical explanation as to why this mother

lost her daughter.


I am now the mothers new husband and in the daughters

eyes her new and only dad.And we have been turned

away from just about everyone we try to get help from.

It seems that no one wants to get involved or they want to

charge costly or outrageous rates with no guarantee's of

winning in the matter.As you read further into this,I hope

that you to will feel the same way that I now feel about

our justice system.And hopefully you might be able to

give some helpful advise.Or possibly even be able to help

in some way.