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Erin's Tori Amos Website

days until Tori's 42nd Birthday on August 22, 2005.

This sight is dedicated to my wonderful girlfriend Erin who has been so supportive of everything I do and who is the best most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. Happy Valentine's Day 2000.
Love, Joel

UPDATE: Erin, thank you so much for our four wonderful years together. The amount that each of us has grown from each other is immeasurable. I love you, and of course Tori, and I always will. Happy 4 Year Anniversary September 27th, 2002.

2001 Chicago Concert Review
Picture of Erin & Joel

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What is your favorite Tori Album?
Strange Little Girl
Under the Pink
Little Earthquakes
Boys for Pele
From the Choir Girl Hotel
To Venus and Back
Y Kant Tori Read

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