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Baseball Backers

1. Bruce and Char Pierce

2. Greg, Karen, and John Covault

3. Randy, Julee, John Mark,and Josh Paddock

4. Darrel, Kim, and Dustin Paddock

5. Roger, Phyllis, Dusty, and Trent Bowling

6. Alan, Sharon, Matthew, and Bethany Lynch

7. Bob, Nellie, Jim, and Andy Hardy

8. John, Bev, and Michael Barry.

9. Stan, Brenda, Brooke, Crystal, and Jeremy Hardy.

10. Jim, Viv, Cole, and Dane Dudley

11. Brenda and Scott Hollycross

12. Keddy and Carol Sowers

13. Dean, Kathy, Eric, Daren, and Keith Burkes

14. Terry, Mary, Terry II, and Tony Badger

15. Crab, Janet, and Jen Lewis-GO A.J.

16. Kevin, Debbie, Neil, and Lee Martin

17. Steve, Marisa, Stephen, Ashley, and Kelsey Goley