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Crawford & Orange County Marriages 1822-1920


Holland, Andrew to Susan Jane Ford

Holland, Arthur to Polly Belcher 1835

Holland, Bessie to Charles A. Hostetter 1891

Holland, Corder S. to Rachel Willyard

Holland, Elijah F. to Dicy Belcher

Holland, Elizabeth L. to John W. Mock 1885

Holland, Emeline to Markum Holland 1856

Holland, Ethel G. to Frank Gibbs 1897

Holland, George to Eva Jacobs 1900

Holland, George W. to Emma Suthers 1886

Holland, George W. to Mary Morris

Holland, James to Lucinda E. Gregory 1869

Holland, Jesse to Lucinda Robbins

Holland, John to Patsy Rooke 1833

Holland, John T. to Delce Ann Riley 1869

Holland, Joshua to Mary M. Lankford 1871

Holland, Louisa to William Hammond

Holland, Lida H. to Robin R. Proctor 1889

Holland, Lucinda to John King

Holland, Lucinda to George Washington Patton 1851

Holland, Lucretia to George W. King 1847

Holland, Mariah E. to Jonathan P. Enlow 1863

Holland, Markham to Rachel Pilgram 1834

Holland, Markham to Minerva Belcher

Holland, Markham to Emeline Holland 1856

Holland, Martha to Gideon Smith 1859

Holland, Martha J. to William S. Wellman 1885

Holland, Mary to William Roberson 1880

Holland, Nancy to Clarence L. Bassett

Holland, Nathan M. to Millie Malinda Newkirk 1919

Holland, Perry to Matilda Eastridge 1871

Holland, Richard H. to Alice Walton

Holland, Samuel W. to Sarah E. Hollen 1912

Holland, Sarah to William Ford

Holland, Sarah J. to Jesse Spears 1871

Holland, Thad M. to Lida Mills


Hollen, Alexander to Bertha King

Hollen, Alonzo L. to Nancy Land 1905

Hollen, Anderson H. to Cora A. Newkirk 1887

Hollen, Anthony to Rachel E. King 1920

Hollen, Arthur to Polly Belcher

Hollen, Belva A. to Charles M. Hollen 1920

Hollen, Catherine to William Moor 1847

Hollen, Charles D. to Emma Claxton

Hollen, Charles M. to Belva A. Hollen 1920

Hollen, Charles R. to Nancy King

Hollen, Charles R. to Anna B. Sillings 1816

Hollen, Clarence R. to Gladys A. McDonald 1918

Hollen, Mrs. Cora Newkirk to L. Daniel Knight 1899

Hollen, Corder to Inis B. Hollen

Hollen, Dessie M. to James W. Highfill 1903

Hollen, Duffy A. to James Sturgeon 1890

Hollen, Edith M. to William House 1903

Hollen, Ella to James King

Hollen, Emma to John Lewis

Hollen, Eva to Albert King 1901

Hollen, Gerrie to James Albert Tucker 1907

Hollen, Grover C. to Annie E. Hobson

Hollen, Guy to Erma Allen 1915

Hollen, Harry Arthur to Dovie Hughes 1920

Hollen, Hattie S. to Jacob Emmons

Hollen, Icely to John T. Crawford 1919

Hollen, Inis B. to Corder Hollen

Hollen, Ira F. to Maude E. McKim 1911

Hollen, Iva M. to Samuel F. Tucker 1904

Hollen, Iva Myrtle to Albert Walls 1909

Hollen, James K. to Jemima A. Sillings 1898

Hollen, James N. to Rachel Hammonds 1900

Hollen, James N. to Selene E. Brown 1891

Hollen, John to Mary Parks

Hollen, John to America Courtney 1860

Hollen, John to Margaret Evaline Jones 1892

Hollen, John H. to Nancy A. Brakins Goldman 1893

Hollen, John V. to Sarah A. Ford 1900

Hollen, Josiah to Rilla Mitchell 1891

Hollen, Julia E. to James M. Price 1892

Hollen, Julie C. to Stephen Patton 1888

Hollen, Lee to Nancy J. Hollen 1888

Hollen, leona to Preston Crews 1891

Hollen, Lonzo to Elvira Patten 1896

Hollen, Lula to Roscoe Parks

Hollen, Maggie to Henry J. Apple

Hollen, Manerva A. to Henry J. Brown 1899

Hollen, Martha to William N. Smith 1878

Hollen, Martha A. to Issac L. Courtney 1883

Hollen, Martha Ann to Andrew S. Suddarth 1888

Hollen, Mary S. to Edmund Apple

Hollen, Minerva Ann to Charles M. Eastridge

Hollen, Mitchell to Elizabeth Belcher

Hollen, Nancy to Charles S. McFarland 1881

Hollen, Nancy A. to William Suddarth 1895

Hollen, Nancy J. to Lee Hollen 1888

Hollen, Nancy J. to Martin V. Goldman

Hollen, Nathan to Martha Jane Belcher 1849

Hollen, Nathan to Malinda Gilliatt

Hollen, Nathan W. to Nancy J. Spears 1886

Hollen, Nellie Ethel to William Harlow

Hollen, Oma to Samuel Williams 1919

Hollen, Ora E. to James Douglas McFarland 1915

Hollen, Rachel E. to Welliom A. King 1912

Hollen, Richard H. to Elizabeth Enlow 1865

Hollen, Richard H. to Susanna Tarr 1882

Hollen, Roy to Maggie Ethel Patton 1918

Hollen, Samuel to Clara Highfill 1906

Hollen, Sarah E. to Larkin Lankford 1862

Hollen, Sarah E. to Samuel W. Holland 1912

Hollen, Sarah Jane to William H. Smith 1900

Hollen, Susanah to Andrew J. Wieninger 1886

Hollen, Thomas J. to Nancy C. McKim 1900

Hollen, Thomas R. to Mary Grisham

Hollen, Vernia to John Sillings 1903

Hollen, William to Mary E. (??)

Hollen, William H. to Rosella Enlow 1892

Hollen, William Kinder to Elzora E. Allen 1883

Hollen, William S. to Eva Sturgeon 1900

Hollen, William Tell to Cora Wilson 1904

Hollen, Zadie I. to Jospeh W. Pittman 1915