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Dustin's Paintball Adventure


May 1, 2001-------- I finally updated the site again. I went to Kentucky to visit my dad for Spring Break and I took my friend Chris Nix and we played paintball in this local outdoor field. Of course, I was the best out there both times we went. My dad is now addicted to painball and he is getting an autococker. I have added a bio and 2 new tips, go check them out. Also, I don't have a guestbook anymore because the company is now starting to charge for the guestbooks. I will get a new one in a while. I also changed the background of this page because I have been getting complaints that people couldn't see what I was typing. Peace.

February 20, 2001-- I added a links section and changed a few things in the terms section.

February 6, 2001--- I added a new gun to the For Sale section that someone wants to sell. I added a new tactic to the Tips section that someone sent me.

January 25, 2001--- I added my friend Chris's paintball pic to the Our Guns section. I finally went paintballing Sunday and I went again yesterday(Both at Blastfactory). But I won't be going for a while... because I am saving my money for an vertical adapter and an expansion chamber.

January 20, 2001--- I added some new paintball pictures that people have been sending me. Alot of people have people have been e-mailing me and I read every e-mail I get and I try to listen to their suggestions and comments so e-mail me if you want to see something on here or if you see any mistakes.

January 11, 2001--- I got a new mask for Christmas and also a Flatline barrel and a new 14 oz tank. I got a Tippmann Model 98 like a month or two ago but I think I forgot to put it on the site so I am telling you now... I have a Model 98. I forgot to get my treehouse and paintball field pictures scanned so it will be while before I get them up. Blast Factory finally put out some commercials on TV.

December 14, 2000--- I changed the poll question so go vote in the poll. I added a treehouse section about me and my friend's treehouse. I have also added a Paintball Field section that is about me and my friend's paintball field that we made.

November 20, 2000--- I added a new game in the games section and that is about all.

November 14, 2000--- I have did some minor changes in the Rules, Games, and Terms sections of my site and I have went into a paintball chat to give my link out and try to get more people to come here.

November 13, 2000--- I have went into paintball chatrooms and posted my link to help advertise my site. I have had alot of result but it is still not good enough. Please check back to the site every week to see what is new because I am going to try to make this site as big as I can, it will grow with me as I get older as I am only 14 years old... I think I have a lot of room for improvements.

November 12, 2000--- I updated the site so much today, I can't even remember everything I have added and updated so just look around and see what has been added and updated and don't forget to vote in the poll!

November 11, 2000--- I have added a new section called "Bios about People that play Paintball". Go check it out. Mine is the only bio right now. Send me your bio and I will put it on there and when you are writing your bio, try to answer all the questions that I did in my bio.

Last Updated- May 1, 2001

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