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Welcome to #DBZ-Trivia, the official homepage for #DBZ-Trivia on DALnet!

(Note: Don't argue with me about the layout of the page. If you don't like it, tough. I'm not looking to do anything flashy, as I hate sites like that. Do you Flash/Java people think about the poor guys who can't look at stuff like that without crashing their computers? Besides, what's wrong with this layout anyways? It's the content of the page that matters, not the look. A webpage could look really nice and be filled with Flash, Java, etc etc... but it could also state on there "Kuririn is really Taurus's father. I read it in the manga, so there's no disputing it.", so if you don't like this webpage for what it is... tough cookies. Sorry about that little rant there... now, feel free to look around if you don't mind a simple, basic design.)

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I can't think of anything important to put down here... but it'd look pretty stupid just sitting here empty, now wouldn't it?