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Luke 6:39: "Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not both fall into a pit?

I am sure the idea of a blind man leading a blind man seems silly to you but Jesus was not talking about physically blind men but spiritually blind men and blind men of perspective.

If you ask a group of radical environmentalist if there is anything positive about drilling for oil in Alaska, they would fervently tell you no. They are so firm in their opinion and their perspective that they are unable to see any other position or any truth that might be related to drilling for oil in Alaska. They would dismiss the argument that we need to become independent from foreign oil supplies. They would dismiss the argument that jobs would be created. They would not be able to see any good at all in drilling for oil in Alaska. In addition to that, these environmentalist would also see anyone who proposed the idea to drill for oil there or who even suggested there might be some good done from it as an enemy. Once this point is reached really bad things can happen as hate builds into resentment and even thoughts of revenge and destruction. Then everything becomes personal. This is perspective blindness. You cannot see anyone's position but your own. You have become blind and are in danger of falling into a pit.

The same thing can happen spiritually. If you are not careful the beliefs of your particular church or the belief of your parents can make you blind to biblical truth. Understand, I am not saying your church or your parents are wrong in what they believe. I am saying that there is a danger in only seeing things through the eyes of those who agree with your views.

This is what happened to Jesus. The Religious leaders of His day just couldn't receive any view other than the ones they had even though some of their views contradicted scripture. When they were confronted with these contradictions instead of being able to see the truth, they reverted to emotions of anger, hate, fear, and finally murder. This is what happens when you become spiritually blind.

When I was younger I really thought I knew the Word of God. I had several degrees; I had taken and taught Precept Bible Studies and numerous other Bible studies. I thought I really knew the truth. But things began to happen as I was challenged to look again at portions of scripture I thought I knew. I realized I had overlooked sentences and phrases. I had just assumed the meanings and interpretations I had been taught or I had learned from others into the verses and once I was able to look at them anew, I could see different meanings.

I remember getting so angry when a friend confronted me concerning a biblical passage. He told me that he thought I was wrong. He went on to try to explain another way of looking at the verse to me. I wouldn't listen. I wanted to punch him. Eventually, after walking away, I began to think about what he was trying to say. After I calmed down I went and looked up the verses. To my surprise, he was right and I was wrong.

I have been challenged many times over the years and have had to change my position several times. In almost every case where I had to change my position it was a position that I had not really worked through, but one I had accepted because my church or denomination said that's what it meant or some charismatic speaker had given a particular meaning to the verses that I liked. I am more careful now and am open to hearing the thoughts and ideas of others. I don't always change my mind, but I am willing to take a look.

I challenge you to be open to other meanings and interpretations to the Word of God. I am not saying to change you mind, but to at least be open to work through the ideas. This will do a couple of things. It will help you become firmer in your own belief and keep you from becoming blind.

Have a blessed day.

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