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Chrono Trigger Tile Editor Palette Example
by Chickenlump

Getting the correct colors for Crono in the awesome tile editor - TileMolester. Editing any sprite can be tough, but
when editing a sprite with it's correct colors applied can make a world of difference! This is written for Chrono Trigger, but can be applied to just about any other game as well.

Things you will need.

1. Chrono Trigger Rom
2. Chrono Trigger saved state (from Zsnes)
3. Tile Molester

Open Chrono Trigger in Tile Molester, and scroll down untill you see Crono's sprites. Then go to the Palette Menu. Then to Import from... Then click Another File.
 Palette -->Import from --> Another File....
An Open File Dialog will appear. Load up the savestate I have provided. (Any savestate with Chrono on-screen will do though.)
Colors from the save state will be applied to the sprites. You'll notice that the colors are still wrong, however. The savestate contains many palettes from things on screen, or loaded into memory from where you saved-state, including Crono's palette. To get to Crono's palette you must click this arrow till you get to it (I highlighted the arrow in pink). It will cycle through and apply the various palettes from the savestate to the Crono Sprites.

Just keep hitting the arrow untill you get to the correct palette. The picture below shows that the correct palette has been reached. Editing , or modifying Crono will be much easier now! :)