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Cedar Creek Wildlife Project, Inc.

Our Purpose

To preserve all possible areas of Cedar Creek in Northeast Indiana as a natural stream flow unaltered from its present condition, to make all possible efforts to reduce all polluting materials that enter Cedar Creek from its watershed, to encourage maintenance of wildlife habitat, protect the flood plain, cooperate with public and private agencies and groups who concur that maintenance of Cedar Creek as a natural stream represents its highest condition and use.

Our Goals

Cedar Creek Wildlife Project Goals from Meeting of July 12, 2005

Recruit New Members

  • Family field trips and outings
  • Hikes
  • Booths – brochures
  • Bring new members to meetings
  • List watershed owners and residents
  • Newspaper coverage
  • Packets for new residents
  • Newsletter
  • Each one bring one!
  • Door prizes at meetings
  • University and high school and elementary – recruit
  • Scouting and 4 H groups
  • Pot Lucks

Educational Materials/Brochures

  • Check with IWLA for resources
  • The Cedar Creek Environmental group
  • Mussel Study
  • Bird Study
  • Bats
  • Water Monitoring
  • 1974 DNR Base Study on water quality and environment
  • Update maps
  • CCWP Brochure
  • Indiana Plant and wildlife slideshows
  • Web site- keep updated and linked
  • Use LOGO


  • Cooperate with other groups
  • Meet with the legislators
  • Send out member alerts (email, post, phone)
  • Receive lists of items coming up or entered
  • Publicize in newsletter or newspaper what’s going on
  • Honorary memberships
  • Attend and re-write for papers

Involve Members

  • Tap individual skills and interests
  • Provide training
  • Ask people to help with specific tasks Time? or Financial Help?
  • Start Recycling project or support one
  • Native plant exchange
  • Demonstration projects

Interesting Monthly Meetings

  • "Insurance sales person" on recruiting
  • Slide shows
  • Photo contests
  • Meeting dates and reminders well in advance
  • Quarterly meetings
  • Special speakers
  • Control time
  • Photo/Art Display

Monitor permits

  • Get on the mailings lists to get notices
  • Letter writing
  • Phone trees
  • Weekly reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Get on Planning boards
  • Hosted survey ICF


  • Speakers
  • DNR Grants
  • St. Joe Watershed Initiative
  • Water quality projects
  • Work with and stay informed and publicize
  • Work with IPFW and St. Francis
  • County Parks & Recreation
  • Acres events
  • Indiana Watershed Leadership Survey

heron image from Christine's Free Bird Clip Art on About.Com